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Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Loved One
A couple holding hands.
Blue, red, gray, and tan throw blankets

Cozy Blanket

Since it falls in the midst of winter, Valentine’s day is the perfect time to gift items that promote comfort and coziness. A personal blanket gives them something to wrap up in while they watch a movie or hunker down with a good book. Choose a luxurious fabric like mink, cashmere, or faux fur to give them the essence of opulence.

Glass terrarium with a ceramic base.


Terrariums are unique indoor gardens that have recently gained traction in home decor. They are small glass vessels that house an assortment of plants that can be customized and arranged for personal preference. For the do-it-yourself Valentine, buy an empty terrarium and an assortment of plants so they can create their own garden. There are also ready-made versions for anyone who would prefer a less hands-on gift.

Glasses and barware on a bar cart

Glasses and Barware

Seemingly basic household items, glasses and barware are gifts that are far from boring. The glass that holds your drink, in part, sets the mood for your beverage experience. Whether your Valentine enjoys regular nightcaps or the occasional glass of wine, a fancy set of glasses shows that you pay attention to their daily rituals. Gift something extravagant that they wouldn’t purchase for themselves that makes them feel fancy.

Tan leather, white linen, and black leather weekend bags.

Weekend Bag

Everyone needs a nice weekend bag for impromptu trips and quick vacations. Gift one to your Valentine this year so they can be prepared for their next adventure. Your gift will carry extra weight if it’s accompanied by plane tickets or hotel reservations to a surprise location.

Pink and white journal with pencils. Image Provided by Plush Design Studio

Nice Journal and Set of Pens

If your loved one is an avid or wannabe writer, a journal is a thoughtful gift that shows your interest in their passion. A beautiful journal gives them the chance to record their thoughts, feelings, and memories, including the time they got a lovely journal for Valentine’s Day. Select one that reflects their personality in color, pattern, or style. You can include a package of pens to round out the gift, and ensure they have everything they need to start writing.

White earring holder

Jewelry Holder

If you can’t think of anything to add to their jewelry collection, buy them a jewelry holder. For someone with an extensive assortment, choose a jewelry box with plenty of hooks, drawers, and compartments so nothing gets tangled. Do they already have a jewelry box that they love? A decorative dish is the perfect addition to a nightstand or vanity and serves as a temporary landing spot for jewelry until it gets put away.

White robe hung on bathroom door.

A Robe and Slippers

Treat them to comfort and contentment this Valentine’s day with a soft, sumptuous robe and pair of fuzzy memory foam slippers. All their stress will melt away when they get to slip into a robe that hugs their body in luxury. Choose matching slippers so they can cozy up in style.

Bath tub with a bath board, candle, and sponge. Image Provided by At Home With Ashley

At-Home Spa Treatment

Supplement their robe and slippers with skin products and treatments that your Valentine can do at home. You can’t go wrong with a gift basket full of face masks, lotions, and bath salts. Amplify their relaxation with a foot spa, magazine, and favorite movie for a full day of pampering.

unicorn salt and pepper shakers

Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers

The perfect gift for a quirky chef, salt and pepper shakers are both practical and decorative. Whether you choose their favorite TV show character in salt shaker form or a delectable looking cupcake that dispenses pepper, your loved one will be captivated by their whimsical new seasoning accessory.

White picnic basket on a blanket Image Provided by Kristina Paukshtite

Picnic Basket

A cute picnic basket full of goodies is the perfect start to a Valentine’s Day date. Spend the morning baking heart-shaped treats or stock up at the grocery store for a romantic picnic. Look for a basket that includes all the picnic necessities, like dishes, silverware, glasses, and napkins.

Brown monogrammed flask


With their very own flask, they can have their beverage of choice on hand in any situation. The small size makes it perfect to slip into a pocket or handbag. For an extra personal touch, get the flask monogrammed or engraved with a romantic message.

Deck of cards Image Provided by Aditya Chinchure

Card Game

If there’s a special activity that you and your loved one always do together, work it into your gift to pay homage to your relationship. The game-playing Valentine will love a new card game that the two of you can play together. With options ranging from goofy to strategic, you’re sure to find one that you both will love. Look for something that only needs two players for a Valentine’s Day full of fun and laughter.

Black bluetooth speaker Image Provided by Jonas Jacobsson

Bluetooth Speaker

When the speaker on their phone just won’t cut it anymore, a Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift. With endless portability and wireless connection, their new speaker will let them enjoy their music anywhere they want without having to depend on outlet availability. Make sure you find a speaker that is compatible with their phone, and pre-charge it so they can use it right away.

Polaroid Camera Image Provided by Jan Antonin Kolar

Polaroid Camera

Give them a throwback to the cameras of yesteryear with a Polaroid that instantly prints their photos. With a limited number of shots and immediate availability of prints, Polaroids encourage users to take their time framing and capturing the perfect photo. This gift is ideal for the professional or budding photographer to remind them to take their time when creating their art.

Movie posters framed on a wall Image Provided by A Whimsy Wonderland

Movie Poster

Show the cinephile in your life that you’re observant by purchasing a movie poster of their favorite film. Whether you’re adding to their collection of posters or gifting one that will be an accent piece in their movie room, your thoughtfulness and originality won’t go unnoticed. Consider splurging on a signed poster for the die-hard fan.

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