Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Unique Mother's Day Gifts
While traditional Mother's Day gifts like flowers and jewelry are always appreciated, unconventional gifts can provide a more personal touch and show your mom how much she means to you. Whether you choose one of the fresh and unique gifts on this list, or simply use these ideas as a springboard to the perfect personalized present, nothing says "I love you" like a gift that shows thoughtful effort and consideration. Read on to check out our 14 best unique gifts for Mother's Day.

Unique Mother's Day Gifts

14 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Artwork

Artwork is a great Mother’s Day gift option to fill up empty wall or table space in your mother’s home. While it’s important to make sure the art will match her existing decor, a gorgeous art piece will show your mom that you understand her home aesthetic and appreciate her taste in decor and interior design.

2. Charm Bracelet

While jewelry is a popular Mother’s Day gift, charm bracelets don’t always come to mind. Charm bracelets give your mom a chance to showcase her playful sense of style and her specific interests through the charms she chooses to display. While there are budget-friendly charm bracelet options, more luxe designs made from premium sterling silver or gold incorporate all the elegance and refinement of traditional jewelry materials into the delightful character of a charm bracelet.

3. Wine Glasses

Crystal wine glasses are a wonderful addition to any glass cabinet, making them the perfect gift for the mother who enjoys a glass of wine now and then. With thousands of wine glass designs to choose from, you can find just the right ones to match your mother’s existing dinnerware and decor. Personalization adds a special touch to any set, with embossed letters and images that are both refined and elegant.

4. Glass Decanter

Gleaming glass decanters are another excellent gift for the mom who enjoys entertaining or serving wine with dinner. While they’re a functional complement to any spread, they’re also an impressive decorative accent that lends sophistication and character to bar carts and kitchen counters alike.

5. Flowers and Vase

Flowers are a great Mother’s Day gift, but flowers in a unique and beautiful vase take this classic present a step further by giving your mother a piece of decor that will last long after the flowers are gone. Although many bouquets designed to be Mother’s Day gifts include simple glass or porcelain vases of their own, spend some time searching for a unique and durable vase that matches your mother’s home decor scheme and sense of style.

6. Reading Lamp

While it’s certainly unconventional, a quality reading lamp is the perfect gift for moms who enjoy cozying up with a good book. Floor-standing reading lamps are often the most popular choice in this category, and they pair beautifully with a cozy armchair or chaise lounge. Style is critical when it comes to choosing a piece of furniture like a lamp, but make sure to find one that provides the right amount of light for reading. If you aren’t sure how much light your mom prefers while reading, consider a dimmable lamp that she can easily adjust as needed.

7. Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser

Nothing refreshes and invigorates a room like freshly diffused scents from essential oils and other natural sources. If your mom loves home-scents in the form of candles or plug-in air fresheners, you might consider buying her an essential oil scent diffuser to fill her home with pleasantly therapeutic aromas from all-natural essential oils.

8. Patio Lounger

Springtime is perfect for preparing patios for warmer weather, and you can help your mom ready her outdoor space for the sunny days ahead with a brand-new patio lounger. Whether you set them out poolside or not, patio loungers are a comfy complement that transforms any backyard or deck into a sunbather’s fantasy. Choose a classic wicker model with a durable steel or aluminum frame, or — if you know your mom prefers a more comfortable place to lounge in the sun — consider a lounger with plush, weather-resistant cushions.

9. Beach Bag

Nothing welcomes the warmth of spring and summer weather like trips to the beach, lake, or pool, so a stylish beach bag can make an excellent Mother’s Day gift. Charming canvas bags with nautical rope handles and striped patterns lend a touch of coastal character to any outing, while woven totes are excellent for picnics and delightful seaside getaways. If you want to go the extra mile, you might even consider filling the bag with a beach towel, sandals, and a novel by her favorite author before wrapping it.

10. Decorative Storage Baskets

Although they may not be the most exciting idea for a unique Mother’s Day gift, your mom will love the convenience and organization that decorative storage baskets can bring into her home. Neatly woven fabric baskets are excellent for storing soft goods and toiletries, while large lidded baskets make stylish laundry hampers. Stackable baskets help reduce clutter by capitalizing on vertical storage space, and folding baskets are easy to keep out of the way when not in use.

11. Wine Racks

If your mom has a large collection of her favorite wines, you can add some order to her kitchen with a beautiful and useful wine rack. Available in a variety of refreshing design and size options, there’s a stylish wine rack for every kitchen layout and home decor scheme. A bottle of fine wine makes the perfect finishing touch to this unique Mother’s Day gift.

12. Knife Set or Cutting Board

Perfect for the mom who loves to prepare delicious food, a brand-new knife set is a wonderful way to help her cooking skills stay sharp. Dull knives and a mutilated cutting board are just as impractical as they are unsightly, and your mom is sure to appreciate the refreshing convenience and style that a set of brand-new cutting implements will bring to her kitchen.

13. Specialty Appliances

Specialty appliances make it easy for your mom to prepare her favorite snacks and desserts whenever the craving strikes. This category of home accent includes everything from theater-style popcorn machines to self-churning ice cream makers. Package the ingredients she’ll need with the appliance before wrapping for an all-inclusive present your mom can enjoy as soon as she opens it.

14. Tea Set

Whether she drinks tea every day or enjoys a relaxing cup now and then, tea sets add plenty of character and charm to any mother’s kitchen or display cabinet. Tea sets come in a variety of gorgeous designs that are sure to pair beautifully with your mother’s existing dishware and decor. The right tea set is just as beautiful on display as it is useful at tea time. Most tea sets feature a teapot and a few teacups, but you may want to include her favorite tea blends as well.