Unique Christmas Gifts for Her

Unique Christmas Gifts for Her

A personalized cheese board, a great unique christmas gift for her
Everyone knows a girl who marches to the beat of her own drum. She’s authentic and honest, but sometimes hard to buy for. Whether she’s one-of-a-kind or has one of everything, match her unique taste with Christmas gifts as special as she is. Get inspired with this guide to unique Christmas gifts for her.

A personalized cheese board, a great unique christmas gift for her


She knows that curating the perfect cheeseboard is an art, and she loves experimenting with new flavors and wine pairings. Give her a cheeseboard with all the tools included so she can present her favorite fromage beautifully, whether she’s entertaining or enjoying a night to herself.

Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers

‘Tis the season for seasoning! Unique salt and pepper shakers are great gifts for any girl, whether she’s a culinary genius or happy with gourmet from the microwave. You can find shakers in the shapes of animals, popular characters, and even abstract designs that will look at home in her kitchen or dining room.

Glass Geometric Terrarium

Using indoor terrariums to decorate is a growing trend for indoor plant lovers. Popular options include glass and gold geometric terrariums. These small, stylish accents can fit a variety of plants and require very little maintenance. With this unique gift, she can take care of succulents, air plants, or moss while designing her own little world inside.

Handmade Blanket

For the lady who likes cozying up with her favorite book or movie, get a gift that will keep her warm all winter. Hand-stitched quilts or knit throws from Worldstock are specially made by artisans across the globe. As a lover of all things unique, she’ll appreciate the time and love put into such a blanket, making it a gift she’ll cherish.

Instant-Film Camera

Phones might double as cameras today, but capturing a moment on real, physical film is still special. Whether she’s traveling or hanging out with friends, an instant-film camera is a fun addition to any experience. Once she points and shoots, the camera will print the image almost instantly. Look for trusted brands like Polaroid and Fujifilm that offer a variety of camera colors.

Handcrafted Dinnerware

Whether she cooks at home or regularly reheats leftovers, handcrafted dinnerware is a special gift she’ll love. A set of unique hand-painted serving trays, plates, or bowls from artists around the world is a unique Christmas gift idea she’ll be excited to use or put on display. Check out the selection of dinnerware from Worldstock to find handmade products that match her unique style.

Indoor Garden Kit

Indoor garden kits make unique Christmas gifts for the green-thumbed girl in your life. Whether she’s known for her talents with plants or just picking up the hobby, indoor gardening kits are convenient and easy to use. Look for an indoor herb garden with seeds for plants like parsley, thyme, and cilantro that she can also use in her kitchen.

Activity Tracker

Whether she’s always been health conscious or just getting into personal fitness, an activity tracker is a unique Christmas gift she’ll enjoy. While versions differ from each other, you can find activity trackers that monitor heart rate, sleep patterns, daily steps, and more. If she only needs something to count steps, consider buying her a simple pedometer.

Artisanal Bath & Beauty

Bath and beauty products are popular for Christmas, but gifts like handcrafted coconut milk shampoo bars or goat’s milk soap are one of a kind. These artisanal products add pure, authentic luxury to her beauty routine. Look for her favorite scents and consider buying a full bath set so she feels pampered from head to toe.

Battery-Charging Phone Case

A battery-charging phone case is a unique electronic accessory that keeps her phone charged and protected while she’s on the go. This gadget ensures her phone has up to an extra 80 percent of battery life while she’s traveling or pulling a long shift on the job. Just make to look for a case that’s compatible with her smartphone and her style.

Monogrammed Towels

Whether she has kids and a spouse or just roommates, any girl who shares a bathroom needs her own clean towels. Monogrammed towels make it easier to stake her claim and keep track of her towels. You can find monogrammed towels in assorted colors and styles and made from high-quality materials like Egyptian cotton and bamboo.

Makeup Mirror

Whether she’s a makeup expert or follows a simpler grooming routine, a makeup mirror is the unique gift she didn’t know she needed. Look for makeup mirrors with attached lighting and magnifying capabilities for the most complete and useful gift. You can also find portable models she can take anywhere she goes.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Help your unique girl relax when she gets stressed with an aromatherapy diffuser. This a quality diffuser releases fresh essential oils evenly throughout her home. Scents like lavender and tea tree oil have a relaxing effect that can help her unwind and establish atmosphere in her space.

Agate Jewelry

Agate is a semiprecious stone made of microcrystalline quartz commonly used in earrings or necklaces. These rocks are unique from other gemstones and add a Bohemian flavor to any outfit. With swirls of color and a faint translucence, agate jewelry is a unique gift unlike anything she’s received for Christmas before.

Smart Watch

For the girl who loves tech, a smart watch is a fun, unique gift she’ll love. The best smart watches sync to her phone, so she can take calls, respond to texts, and check her activity levels throughout the day with her new watch. Just like traditional watches, smart watches come with different faces and bands to match anyone’s style.

Bluetooth Earbuds

If she listens to music while exercising or on her commute, she knows how annoying tangled earbud cords can be. A set of Bluetooth earbuds is a practical, affordable, and unique gift for her. There are many styles available, so you’re bound to find one that suits her needs. All she needs is a mobile device with Bluetooth capabilities to sync up to her new earbuds. Goodbye tangled cords, hello beautiful stereo sound.

Jewelry Box

If she’s always decked out in rings, necklaces, or other jewelry, give her a keepsake or jewelry box to store all her treasures. Even if she doesn’t wear jewelry frequently, every girl needs a small container for old keepsakes and trinkets she’s collected over the years. You can also find beautiful jewelry boxes from Worldstock that have been handmade in countries like India and Peru.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Said to have beneficial properties, Himalayan salt lamps have been all the rage the last few years. Whether you believe the hype or not, these lamps are eye-catching additions to anyone’s desk or room. They produce a soft reddish-pink glow that can be relaxing and almost meditative, and they can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Personalized Jewelry

Her jewelry is part of her unique style, so get her a Christmas gift that adds to her collection. Personalized jewelry with her name or birth stone is a unique gift she can wear all year round and pair with different outfits. You can also look for bracelets with charms that represent her favorite things.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets might not be typical Christmas presents, but you can find baskets stuffed with treats for almost any hobby or interest. Whether she’s a movie lover or wine connoisseur, there’s a gift basket available to suit her unique tastes. Better yet, curate a gift basket yourself and fill it with her favorite movies, books, snacks, and other goodies.

Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks aren’t just for the social-media-obsessed. If she loves going on adventures, this unique gift is the perfect way to document her travels. Selfie sticks come in a variety of colors and lengths to fit her phone and frame the perfect shot. All she needs to do is aim and click to get a great picture.