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Types of Kitchen Mixers

Types of Kitchen Mixers

light green kitchenaid mixer
light green kitchenaid mixer

Whether you’re baking or whipping up pancake batter, you need mixers you can rely on. Fortunately, you can choose between a hand mixer for light tasks, a professional mixer if you bake daily and other mixers when you shop online. This guide will help you find the best mixer for your lifestyle.

Buying Kitchen Mixers:

Hand mixers.

If you’re short on space and time, use a hand mixer to quickly whip batter, meringue, pudding and other thin mixtures. This kitchen mixer can be stored easily, is very portable and relatively inexpensive. The best mixer is quiet and lightweight and has five speeds or more, an easy-to-grip handle and a simple design that is easy to clean. Buy mixers that feature a rubberized base so you can rest them against your mixing bowl, too, and look for models that include specialized attachments for more versatility.

Stand mixers.

For bigger baking projects, you’ll want to buy a stand mixer. This sturdy appliance usually has twice the speeds as an electric hand mixer and includes a mixing bowl and beaters. If you’ll be making a lot of bread, you’ll need a professional mixer that includes a dough hook and has enough power to beat the dough evenly. Look for a kitchen stand mixer with easy-to-remove beaters and a durable bowl for convenience; a stand mixer that includes attachments for making pasta or even ice cream is also a great investment.

Hand/stand mixers.

When you need the simplicity of a lightweight electric hand mixer with the power of a kitchen stand mixer, a hand/stand mixer is a great option. Buy mixers that convert to hand mixers simply by pushing a button; the best thing about this kitchen mixer is that it includes a base and mixing bowl but isn’t nearly as heavy as a traditional stand mixer. A hand/stand mixer often features a retractable cord for easy storage and attachments, including whisks and dough hooks, too. Storing this compact kitchen stand mixer is easy as well; however, you’ll want to buy a heavier mixer for working with thick dough, as a hand/stand mixer does not have enough motor power for this.