Top 10 Yoga Gifts for Her

Top 10 Yoga Gifts for Her
The yogi in your life is strong, balanced, and always making time for her practice. She knows the value of deep breathing, has a lot of patience, and takes time for self-care. This Christmas, put something under the tree that will help her practice her favorite moves with style and ease. Our top 10 yoga gifts are here to be your guide so you can shop for her with confidence.

Top 10 Yoga Gifts for Her

Best Yoga Gifts for Women

1. Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy doesn’t just smell amazing. It can also take her yoga sessions to new heights. This unique machine uses a mixture of water and oil to create soothing, aromatic vapors that fill the room. Look for an oil diffuser that complements her space and adds to her decor.

2. Foam Roller

A foam roller is like giving her the gift of a deep tissue massage. This roller will help her work out muscle tightness, increase circulation, and release toxins. Look for solid foam rollers or grooved rollers which will deeply work out knots and lengthen muscles so she is always yoga ready.

3. No-slip Socks and Gloves

When she’s trying to master a new pose, stability is key. Give her a better grip with no-slip socks and gloves that keep her firmly grounded so she can put more focus on her practice. Shop for socks and gloves in her favorite colors for an extra personal touch.

4. Meditation Cushion

Meditation keeps her focused, clear, and aware in her day-to-day activities. Whether she takes a quick five minutes to meditate or enjoys hours of reflection, staying comfortable is key. A meditation cushion or stylish floor pillow will be the perfect thing to sink into and provide support so she can focus inward.

5. Headband

Sometimes, hair can be a hassle, especially when she’s trying to stay balanced. Help her keep hair out of her face in style with a headband or hair wrap. Wide headbands will ensure her ‘do stays put, no matter how difficult the poses get. Shop for headbands with grip to prevent sliding, elastic for the perfect fit, and colors that add style to her look.

6. Essential Oils

Essential oils make a great gift whether paired with a diffuser or given on their own. There are so many natural healing uses for essential oils that will help her stay relaxed and healthy. Give her a set of various oils, or help her stock up on a single favorite scent.

7. Yoga Pants

Give her the perfect pants that will move with her during her session. Stretchy, fitted yoga pants are essential for those particularly tough poses, while flowing, harem-style pants clothe her in laid-back comfort during a relaxed session or meditation. Shop for yoga pants with fun patterns and prints, and keep breathable materials like cotton and nylon in mind.

8. Yoga Wheel

Yoga is rooted in ancient tradition, but if she’s looking for a new challenge, consider a yoga wheel. A yoga wheel is an innovative, simple piece of equipment used to support the body during extra challenging poses. Shop for different sizes and colors to fit her style and support her level of yoga expertise.

9. Infuser Water Bottle

She’s breaking a sweat, so give her a flavorful way to stay hydrated with an infuser water bottle. This bottle has a special compartment to place fruit and herbs where they can infuse the water with flavor without clogging the bottle. As you shop, consider styles that are easy to take apart and clean, so her water is always fresh.

10. Teapot

Give her a new teapot so she can make and sip her favorite hot teas to wind down at the end of the day or perk up to greet a new one. Depending on her style, look for classic China teapots and traditional Japanese cast-iron tea pots, or keep it simple with a glass teapot. Put this under the tree with a box of her favorite loose leaf or bagged tea, and she’s sure to be one zen, happy lady.

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