Top 10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

A personalized cheese board, a great unique christmas gift for her
She's multi-interested, appreciates authenticity, and revels in the unexpected. Her taste is one-of-a-kind and the way to her heart is through unconventional gifts and experiences. Wow her with a unique Christmas gift this year with one of our top 10 unique picks.

A personalized cheese board, a great unique christmas gift for her

Unique Christmas Presents for Women

1. Cheeseboard

Curating the perfect cheeseboard is an art, and she loves experimenting with new flavors and wine pairings. Give her a cheeseboard with all the tools included so she can present her favorite fromage beautifully, whether she’s entertaining or enjoying a night to herself.

2. Instant Film Camera

Digital cameras are nice, but there’s just something about film that makes capturing special moments an art rather than a passing thought. Whether she’s traveling or hanging out with friends, an instant film camera is a fun addition to any experience. All she has to do is shoot, print, and keep the memories. Look for trusted brands like Polaroid and Fujifilm that offer a variety of colors.

3. Personalized Jewelry

Help her personalize her look with unique jewelry that showcases her style. From initial jewelry to birthstones, she’ll use this gift to dress up an outfit or hold on to memories. Give her a bracelet with charms representing her favorite things, or go the subtle route with a delicate monogram necklace.

4. Handmade Serveware

Handmade goods make the perfect unique gift — no two are the same, and lots of thought goes into them. Serveware is no exception when it comes to unique presents. From ceramic serveware to stone casserole dishes, this is the kind of gift that will grace her dinner table for years to come.

5. Indoor Garden Kit

Whether she’s an avid gardener or just loves plants, a small gardening kit is a fun gift that produces beautiful results. Give her an herb garden kit that comes with everything she needs to help her plants grow.

6. Gift Basket

Giving a gift basket might seem generic, but the wide variety of gift baskets makes it anything but ordinary. There are gift baskets tailored to every type of hobby and liking, from the movie lover to the wine connoisseur. Better yet, curate a gift basket yourself and fill it with her favorite movies, books, snacks, and other goodies.

7. Artisanal Bath & Beauty

The gift of pampering is one she’ll enjoy after a long day when she decides to treat herself. Give her the finest in bath and beauty products, like handmade sugar scrubs, soaps, and body cream. These artisanal products add pure, authentic pampering to her beauty routine. Look for her favorite scents and consider buying a bath set so she feels pampered from head to toe.

8. Battery Charger Phone Case

The perfect gift for the girl on the go, a battery charger phone case will keep her phone protected and charged for a longer period of time. Whether she’s constantly traveling or pulling long hours on the job, this gadget makes sure her phone has up to an extra 80 percent of battery life. As you shop, make sure the battery pack you choose is compatible with her smart phone.

9. Monogram Towels

Help her leave her  personal style stamp on her home with a set of monogrammed towels. While they’re everyday necessities, towels can also be elements that fill out bathroom decor with color and style. When shopping, look for high-quality materials like Egyptian cotton and bamboo as well as colors that fit her decor scheme.

10. Handmade Blanket

For the lady who likes cozying up with a good book or favorite movie, take to Worldstock to find an extra special hand-stitched quilt or knit throw. As a lover of all things unique, she’ll appreciate the time and love put into the blanket and will always cherish it.

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