Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Workout Girl

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Workout Girl
She’s a woman on the move, and always has time to fit in a workout. From the yogi to the marathoner, our top ten gift ideas for the athlete in your life will help you put something under the tree for every kind of fitness fanatic on your list.

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Workout Girl

Best Fitness Gifts for Her

1. Wireless Headphones

Music puts heart and soul into every workout, enhancing mood and performance. Give her trouble-free music streaming with wireless headphones that eliminate the hassle of cords so she can focus on her workout.

2. Water Bottle

She takes hydration seriously—she knows that plenty of water will keep her energized, healthy, and ready for her next workout. Keep your on-the-go-girl hydrated and happy with a sturdy, stylish new water bottle.

3. Fitness Trackers

Help her stay at peak performance with a fitness tracker that does the math and pushes her to break a sweat. A fitness tracker helps monitor her workout progress by recording her steps, calories, and heart rate. For all-day activity tracking with a heart rate monitor and GPS, look for a fitness smartwatch. If she only needs a tracker to count steps and give helpful reminders, a basic fitness wristband will do the job.

4. Gym Bags

A gym bag is a practical accessory great for transporting her essential items to and from the gym, pool, or track. If she attends a workout class a couple of times a week, find a small, simple bag to hold her items. For daily gym trips, she may prefer a larger bag with multiple compartments to organize and transport her necessities.

5. Foam Rollers

Transform her post-workout routine with a foam roller that aids in muscle recovery, allowing her muscles to relax and heal. Shop for foam rollers of varying sizes and designs for rolling different areas. She’ll happily use her new foam roller daily to apply pressure to specific points on her body to recover muscle fibers that were stressed during her workout.

6. Athletic Shoes

Whether she runs marathons or completes her workouts at home, your giftee’s athletic shoes should be replaced every three to six months. Give her feet the support and cushioning they need with a new pair of athletic shoes. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to find the perfect match for her fitness lifestyle.

7. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are great tools for strength training. Because they are used with a variety of workouts, she’ll love the flexibility of owning her own personal set of dumbbells, especially on those days when driving to the gym isn’t an option.

8. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a must-have item for the active gal on the go. This type of shampoo is pure magic when it comes to getting the perfect hair after a sweaty workout. Dry shampoo helps absorb excess oils and adds volume to “workout hair.” It also gives a refreshed look between washes.

9. Workout Clothes

Wearing the right workout clothing helps the fitness girl look and feel her very best. Look for fabrics that are breathable, moisture wicking, and quick drying. Surprise her with a new pair of leggings, some running shorts, a tank, a sweatshirt, or a training jacket.

10. Yoga Mats

Whether she’s into yoga or not, she’ll appreciate the versatility of a yoga mat. The primary function of a yoga mat is to provide better traction while performing yoga poses. But it can also be used for general fitness activities that take place on hard floors. Mats offer extra cushioning whether she is stretching or exercising.

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