Top 10 Gifts for the Hostess

A table setting, a great christmas gift idea for a girl who loves to host
She’s the one serving the finer food, initiating conversation, and refreshing everyone’s drinks. She’s the hostess with the mostest, so treat her to a thoughtful Christmas gift that shows your appreciation. Hostesses exemplify hospitality, so look for gifts that will add to her repertoire of party ware. If she already has a fully stocked arsenal of party gear, consider a personalized item or gourmet gift basket. For more shopping inspiration, read on to see our list of top holiday gift ideas for the hostess.

A table setting, a great christmas gift idea for a girl who loves to host

Good Hostess Gifts

1. Decanters

Nothing gets a party rolling like a few drinks to break the ice. A beautiful decanter is a practical way to aerate wine or store fine whiskey for an upcoming party. It also makes a lovely display piece when not in use. Look for a unique decanter that will make a statement on her bar cart. If she’s not inclined to sipping the hard stuff, a beautiful glass carafe for serving non-alcoholic beverages is just her speed.

2. Candles & Candle Holders

Give your hostess a gift that will help set the mood at her next dinner party. A beautiful collection of candles and unique holders is just the thing to warm up the conversation and set the tone of the evening. Candles and candle holders are an affordable gift option for any budget. From modest votive holders to eye-catching tapers, candles are a charming way to say “thank you” to your gracious hostess.

3. Personalized Wine Glasses

A bottle of wine is always an acceptable hostess gift, but giving something a little more personal will set your gift apart from the crowd. Monogrammed wine glasses put a personal spin on this classic drinkware. For the hostess who loves to serve up wine with her hors d’oeuvres, a set of personalized wine glasses is a thoughtful treat to show your appreciation.

4. Cheese Boards

The holidays are a time to spoil the special people in your life, and your hostess is no exception. Give her a gift she can use for many parties to come with a beautiful cheese board. Cheese boards come in a range of styles and materials from solid teak wood to smooth slate. Go a step further and get a set that includes a few tools to make serving up cheese and fruit even easier.

5. Serving Trays

Whether used to corral her table decor or serve up drinks, a serving tray makes a practical gift for the hospitable hostess. Look for a tray that will add to your hostess’s table decor. Think about what she likes to serve to help you determine the right style. If she likes to prepare small finger foods, consider getting her a tiered serving tray. If dips are more her thing, look for a segmented tray that can accommodate a few dips and snacks.

6. Wine Stoppers

Give your hostess a set of decorative wine stoppers so she doesn’t ever have to sacrifice an unfinished bottle of wine to the kitchen sink. After the party winds down, wine stoppers will be a welcome addition to her barware collection. They also come in a range of styles from casual designs like safari animals to elegant crystals.

7. Chip and Dip Sets

The chip and dip tray is a classic hosting staple. Perfect for serving up your hostess’s favorite dip and snacks, a chip and dip set is a great gift for the woman who loves to entertain with food. From festive painted platters to beautiful wooden bowls, this serveware set is a welcome gift for any hostess.

8. Fruit Bowls

A fruit bowl is an unexpected gift that can act as a statement piece to your hostess’s dining table. Look for a unique bowl that complements her decor theme. Whether it’s made of modern bamboo, hand-thrown ceramic, classic crystal, or polished aluminum, a fruit bowl is a creative way to express your appreciation for a memorable evening.

9. Coasters

Both useful and budget-friendly, coasters are a simple way to express your gratitude with a stylish touch. Treat your hostess to a gift that not only protects tabletops, but also carries aesthetic appeal. Coasters come in a huge range of styles and materials, so choose a set that coordinates with her home decor or reflects her personality.

10. Gourmet Gift Baskets

If you’re unsure about what to give your hostess for the holidays, consider a gourmet gift basket full of fresh fruit, chocolates, or other gourmet eatables. Not only will she enjoy sampling the goodies in the bundle, but she’ll be able to reuse the basket as a decorative element in her home.

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