Top 10 Gardening Gifts for Her

Top 10 Gardening Gifts for Her
For the passionate gardening gal, there's no place like her favorite flower bed with the sun shining overhead and dirt under her hands. Cultivating her favorite fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs is a labor of love, and watching everything grow is her joy. If the woman on your Christmas shopping list has a green thumb, these top 10 gardening gifts are sure to bring even more joy to her favorite activity.

Top 10 Gardening Gifts for Her

Best Gifts for Gardeners

1. Gardening Wagon

Help her haul all of her equipment from plot to plot in one trip with a hardy gardening wagon. These wagons are designed to keep everything she needs right at her fingertips, and their all-terrain wheels roll easily over grass, dirt, and rocks.

2. Terrarium

When outdoor gardening isn’t an option for her, terrariums provide year-round joy with hardy succulents and cacti. From delicate orb-shaped terrariums to fun geometric shapes, terrariums are like little glass greenhouses where her greenery can thrive no matter the weather.

3. Gardening Bench

Give her a designated work station with a potting bench. When she’s potting plants to bring indoors or to display on the porch, a potting bench provides storage and a roomy surface where she can work comfortably. As you shop, look for a stool that complements the height of her potting bench so she has the option to sit as she works.

4. Gardening Boots

Every woman needs a fabulous pair of shoes. For the gardener, the right pair of gardening boots will allow her to keep her feet dry in style. Whether she prefers a rain boot, clog, or ankle boot, the grippy sole and waterproof material will make sure she has plenty of support and all-weather protection.

5. Hand Cream

She’s working hard to make something beautiful, so help keep her hands pampered and moisturized with rich hand cream. Look for a heavy cream in her favorite scent that alleviates dry skin and callouses.

6. Cordless Shears

She takes great care of her garden, so help her make gardening maintenance easy with a set of cordless gardening shears. This small powerhouse tool will give her more freedom when trimming and shaping everything from shrubbery to grass

7. Herb Garden Kit

If she’s interested in gardening but not sure where to start, an indoor herb garden kit is the perfect gift. Equipped with soil, small pots, and starter seeds, she’ll have everything she needs to begin her gardening journey. Take this gift one step further and provide her with beautiful planters so she can transplant her herbs when they outgrow their original pots.

8. Hanging Planters

Give her another way to put her favorite plants on display. Hanging planters that are made for indoor and outdoor use will help her put flora on display and incorporate it into her home decor. Opt for traditional hanging basket planters for outside, or look for hanging terrariums and wall planters to bring her outdoor oasis in.

9. Hammock

When she isn’t watering, fertilizing, and trimming her garden, a hammock or swing hammock will give her the opportunity to lounge back and admire her hard work. She’ll have the best seat in the house when the flowers bloom and the garden really comes to life. Opt for a crochet rope hammock for extra style factor.

10. Sun Hat

Gardening is hard work, especially during the warm months when the sun is blazing. Help her stay cool with a sun hat that protects her from sunburn, gives her shade, and keeps pesky flies and insects away from her face. Look for hats made from straw or canvas for maximum durability.

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