What to Get Mom for Christmas?

Top 10 Christmas Ideas for Mom

Your mom did her best to make Christmas perfect year after year, and now it’s your turn to give back. Find presents that will pamper her and keep her looking and feeling her best. Here are some Christmas gifts for Mom that will help secure your spot as her favorite child.

1. Shoes

Keep your mom stylish and comfortable with a new pair of shoes. For the mom who loves being active, find athletic shoes or sneakers in fun styles and colors. If she prefers an elegant look, choose heels and flats to complement all of her formal outfits. She’ll be grateful for your good taste every time she puts on her new shoes.

2. Handbags

A handbag is one of the most used accessories a woman has, so pick out a new purse your mom can flaunt wherever she goes. From large bags with several pockets to small crossbody bags with one compartment, handbags come in various sizes and styles. Depending on your mom’s style, pick a bag that will stand up to plenty of use and show off her unique personality, or consider an elegant designer bag for special occasions.

3. Crafts & Sewing

If your mom is crazy about crafting, give her some supplies to get creative with. Decorative paper, stamping tools, and die cutting machines will completely change how she does her scrapbooking, and a crafting table with plenty of storage will let her organize all the supplies she already has. If your mom loves being the party planner, restock her supply of ribbons, wrapping paper, and other party supplies to let her custom-make the theme of every gathering.

4. Watches

What time is it? Time to get your mom a new watch! She’ll love accessorizing with a cute new timepiece that coordinates with all her favorite outfits. From metallic watches encrusted with jewels to sporty digital watches with multiple functions, there are an array of options available that will complement her style.

5. Skin Care

Preserve your mother’s natural glow with skin care products to rejuvenate her skin. She’ll appreciate the spa-like treatment of cleansing masks and moisturizing creams after a long day. Portable-sized scented lotions and moisturizers she can carry in her purse also work great as stocking stuffers.

6. Luxury Bedding

Give your mom a reason to look forward to bedtime with the gift of luxurious bedding. Look for sheets, pillowcases, and comforters made from quality fabric with a high thread count to ensure a soft, comfortable feel. Buy a complete bedding set for an easy and established look or go with multiple sheet sets she can use to switch up the style of her bed.

7. Cookware Sets

If your mom loves spending time in the kitchen trying out new recipes, then she’ll love a new cookware set to improve her cooking experience. You can pick from several different materials, styles, and number of pieces to find the perfect set your mom will love. Include a few useful cooking utensils to complete this culinary gift package.

8. Home Decor

From area rugs to throw pillows, home decor makes a great gift for the mother who loves styling her home. Find small pieces of decor like throws, sculptures, or lamps to complement the current style of the home, or choose large pieces like art, area rugs, or window treatments to refresh the look of an entire room. Endless decor possibilities makes it easy to find things to replace or revamp.

9. Bath Accessories

Bath time is all about comfort, and a collection of new bath accessories will make her feel like she’s at the spa. Give your mom a bathtub caddy to hold a book or beverage while relaxing in the bath or a comfortable bathrobe to relax in when bath time’s over. Consider giving the bathroom a new look with a coordinating set of bath mats and set of sink accessories like a toothbrush holder and soap dispenser.

10. Perfume

Treat your mom to a new fragrance that she’ll love to wear every day. The various available sizes of perfumes allow you to choose a large bottle of your mom’s favorite scent or several smaller bottles to let her switch things up. Topping off a good outfit with the right perfume is the perfect way to boost confidence and feel great.

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