What to Get Grandma for Christmas?

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandma

Your grandma’s always been there to spoil you, so now it’s your turn to spoil her. Give her all the gifts she didn’t know she wanted this Christmas, from items to update her home to stylish accessories for her wardrobe. To help you pick out presents that will make this Christmas extra special, here are our top ten Christmas gift ideas for grandma.

1. Blankets & Throws

Add a soft accent to your grandma’s couch with a luxurious blanket or throw. For extra warmth during cold seasons, provide a thick wool blanket to cozy up with. Soft cotton throws are breathable options for year-round use that are easy to clean. Pick a blanket with a color and texture that will complement the look of her couch.

2. Slippers

Get some slippers for your grandma that will keep her comfortable and stylish. Cozy slippers are the perfect shoe option for relaxing around the house or for casual errands. From simple styles in neutral colors to fuzzy, fun designs, there are slippers to match your grandma’s personality and style. She’ll never have to worry about chilly feet in the morning ever again.

3. Handbags

Find a purse for your grandma that she’ll love to show off. Get her a bag that is light but still has all the room she needs for her everyday items. Handbags with comfortable straps will make carrying her purse easier, so look for bags with a wide shoulder strap or padded handles. Whether she prefers an understated bag or a flashy designer purse, a handbag is a great accessory to flaunt her style.

4. Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry is perfect for showing off your personality or accenting a specific outfit, and personalized jewelry gives it a touch of sentimentality. Give your grandma a fancy pendant necklace or bracelet engraved with a meaningful name or phrase, or choose unique beads or charms that will remind her of time you’ve spent together. Personalized jewelry is a one-of-a-kind gift she’ll always cherish.

5. Spa Bath Products

Let grandma pamper herself with an at-home spa day when you buy her some new bath products. Give her bath bombs, body scrubs, and shampoos that will turn bath time into a relaxing and aromatic experience. Long-handled brushes, mesh poufs, and soft washcloths will complete the bath experience, and including a plush bathrobe will encourage her to relax even after her bath ends.

6. Gardening

If your grandma has a green thumb, get her a gift to enhance her time spent out in the garden. A gardening stool gives her gorgeous outdoor seating to use while she prunes the bushes or relaxes with a glass of lemonade. Replace her old gardening tools with a new set of matching tools such as trowels, rakes, shears, and other items. She won’t be able to wait get out in the garden again.

7. Cookware Sets

If there’s always something special cooking in Grandma’s kitchen, maybe it’s time she gets a new cookware set. Get her enough pots, pans, and lids to replace all her worn out cookware, and find a set that includes matching utensils like spatulas and spoons. Cookware comes in a variety of colored finishes and materials, so you can easily pick a set that coordinates with your grandma’s kitchen and cooking preferences.

8. Picture Frames

Help you grandma cherish all of the fun times you’ve shared with sentimental pictures in beautiful picture frames. From single frames to sets of several coordinating frames, you can choose how many memories to put on display. Photo collage frames let you display photos in a fun arrangement that will enhance the look of any wall.

9. Crafts & Sewing

Let your grandma show off her creative side with the gift of craft supplies. Decorative paper, die-cutting machines, writing utensils, and other scrapbooking supplies help her customize how she keeps and shares her photos and other memories. If your grandma sews, find her sewing materials like colorful thread, a roll of fabric, or a new sewing machine. Jewelry making or pastry decorating are easy to start with a minimal amount of supplies for the grandma who loves finding new hobbies.

10. Electronics

Your grandma doesn’t have to be tech savvy to enjoy electronic gifts. A tablet for reading books and magazines will be easy for your grandma to use and has features that make reading easier, like changeable font sizes and a bright screen. Point-and-shoot digital cameras let her capture all her favorite moments and cherish them forever, and a simple smart phone can help her easily stay connected with family and friends.

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