Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Your Wife 2018

Finding the right gift for your wife can turn this Christmas into a day she'll always remember. From stylish gifts to supplement her wardrobe to new upgrades for your living space, here are some Christmas gift ideas for your wife that are sure to brighten her holiday season.

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Wife:

1. Shoes

Whether it’s an exquisite pair of heels for a night out or comfortable sneakers for her time at the gym, new shoes are always a good Christmas gift for your wife. If she needs shoes that go with a classy new outfit, find a pair of wedges or heels in a complementary color and style. If casual outings are more her thing, look for sandals or sneakers that combine style and comfort. Fashionable boots are a versatile option that pairs perfectly with formal dresses, casual outfits, and everything in-between.

2. Handbags

Handbags are both a practical accessory and a fashionable accent to your wife’s wardrobe. The variety of available styles and sizes makes it easy to find the right bag to match her taste. Oversized bags with multiple pockets and compartments are perfect for a woman who likes to be prepared, while smaller bags and clutches are more convenient for holding the essentials. Your wife will be excited to show off her new designer bag.

3. Watches

Add to your wife’s jewelry collection with a new watch. Watches make great accessories for any outfit. A glimmering metallic watch dressed up with jewels works just as well with a fancy dress as it does with casual jeans. Sporty digital watches and smart watches come in a spectrum of cute colors or with replaceable bands and are perfect for the woman with an active lifestyle.

4. Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so diamond jewelry is sure to be a hit on Christmas Day. From sparkling rings to dazzling earrings, diamond jewelry comes in many different packages. Different metals, such as rose gold or sterling silver, offer different style choices to help your wife coordinate with her other pieces of jewelry. Pick a jewelry set with multiple pieces for a complete look she’ll love.

5. Perfume

Treat your wife to a new fragrance that inspires confidence and beauty.  Smelling good means feeling good, and a luxury fragrance can provide a signature scent to be proud of. Choose a larger bottle of one of her staple fragrances, or give her several different small bottles to let her switch things up.

6. Fashion Accessories

Sometimes it’s the smaller accessories that are appreciated the most as gifts. Sunglasses, hats, and wallets are Christmas gifts that can boost her fashion and fulfill a practical role. If your wife is outdoors often, find accessories appropriate for different seasons, such as umbrellas, gloves, and scarves. Because many of these accessories are so small, they also work great as stocking stuffers.

7. Luxury Bedding

Give your wife the gift of a comfortable night’s sleep with a set of luxury bedding. Whether it’s just a set of new sheets or a bed-in-a-bag with comforters and pillowcases included, bedding made from quality materials can completely change the feel of your bed. Look for silk or Egyptian cotton for an ultra-soft, smooth feel.

8. Cookware Sets

If your wife loves spending time in the kitchen cooking up new dishes, then she’ll love a new set of quality cookware. Pick from a huge list of materials to get what she likes, from stainless steel to cast iron to non-stick enamel. The number of items in a set can vary, as well as the color, so pick a set that will complement your kitchen’s style and size.

9. Furniture

Your furniture pretty much determines the style of your home, so replacing old items means refreshing the look of a room. Nothing will thrill your wife more than ditching the old sofa in the living room and replacing it with a brand new one or finally getting matching nightstands for the bedroom. Whatever the size or style, new furniture makes a great Christmas gift for the wife.

10. Spa Bathroom Accessories

Every day can be a spa day for your wife with the right bath accessories. Get her a selection of bath bombs, body washes, and other cleansers to make bath time calming. Throw out those old bath towels and get her a new set made with a plush, heavy fabric. Make sure the post-bath experience is just as good by picking out a luxurious bathrobe perfect for getting cozy and relaxed.

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