Top 10 Christmas Presents for Brothers

Top 10 Christmas Presents for Brothers
Sometimes your closest family members can be the hardest to shop for, but finding the perfect gift for your brother is easier than you might think. Check out this top 10 list of Christmas presents for brothers to find a gift he will love.

Top 10 Christmas Presents for Brothers

What to Get Brothers for Christmas:

1. VR Headset

The latest and greatest in technology is here with virtual reality headsets that let you experience media like never before. Your brother will love using his new VR headset to explore the stars and play immersive games. He can even use it as a personal movie theater. Most VR gear utilizes your own smartphone as the display, so make sure the model you buy is compatible with his existing tech.

2. Fitness Tracker

Whether your brother likes to hit the gym or just keep track of his steps and vitals, a fitness tracker is a cool gift to help him stay fit and aware of his health. Depending on the model you choose, a fitness tracker may come with a heart rate monitor, GPS functionality, and some even display text messages. With the varied array of fitness tracker options, you’re sure to find one that meets his needs and your holiday budget.

3. Bar Tools

If your brother is 21+ and enjoys the occasional adult beverage, then it opens a whole avenue of gift options. Help a brother out by stocking his home bar with all the tools he needs to serve up tasty cocktails and brews. Bar tools and glasses are perfect gifts for the holiday season as he entertains guests and will continue to serve him well throughout the year. Look for personalized glassware with his initials or the logo of his favorite brew for a gift that’s guaranteed to see some use.

4. Fashion Watch

A more classic timepiece also makes for an attractive and stylish gift. A fashionable watch adds a touch of class to any outfit, and your brother will appreciate being able to check the time without having to pull out his phone. Choose from leather or metal wristbands and a variety of watch styles. Whether it’s a watch that fits his current style or takes it to the next level, he’ll love showing off his new accessory.

5. Cologne

Boost your brother’s confidence with a great-smelling cologne. Nothing says “You got this, bro!” like a specially selected fragrance from a sibling. There’s something about a new cologne that gives you a boost — you feel better about your look and especially your smell. He’ll appreciate the vote of confidence, and the gift, too!

6. Clothes

Use this Christmas as an opportunity to freshen up your brother’s wardrobe. Even a single well-put-together outfit is a complete and thoughtful gift. He’ll appreciate you wanting him to look his best and saving him the trouble of shopping for himself. If you think your brother already has more clothes than he needs, then maybe a good-looking pair of shoes would be a better fit.

7. Bluetooth Speaker

Your brother will love opening a Bluetooth speaker Christmas morning. Wireless speakers give you the freedom to rock out wherever you are, without being tethered to the speaker. Bluetooth technology makes it easy to transmit audio from a phone or tablet to the speaker with just the push of a button. Whether your brother wants some poolside tunes or a convenient home stereo, a Bluetooth speaker is the perfect fit.

8. Drone

Surprise your brother with a new toy that’s fun for all ages. Drones are rapidly gaining popularity and drone piloting could be an enjoyable new hobby for your brother. Some drones are even capable of taking gorgeous high-def pictures and videos — perfect for hikes or documenting his travels. Starting off with a smaller budget drone is a good idea, so he can get down the basics of flying his new toy.

9. Tool Set

For the brother who’s getting ready to or has already moved out your parents’ house, a basic tool set is a gift he’ll use again and again. Even a small kit with necessities such as a hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers will give him the means to take care of small fixes around his home. If he already has the fundamentals, opt for a socket set or useful power tools to help with home improvement projects.

10. Headphones

A pair of quality, comfortable headphones will let your brother better experience his music, TV shows, and more. Headphones are an especially useful gift if your brother is a student, travels a lot for work, or is just really into media. Over-ear headphones are great for blocking out noise for an immersive listening experience while earbuds are less noticeable and perfect for an active lifestyle.

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