Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Husbands

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Husbands
He's your best friend, your love, and your companion — he deserves a Christmas present he'll love. Check out these Christmas gift ideas for husbands to find the perfect gift for him this holiday season.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Husbands

What to Get Husbands for Christmas:

1. Personal Grooming Kit

Beards are more popular than ever. From celebrities to the hipster next door, facial hair is here to stay, at least for now. If your man is sporting a mustache or more, consider some trimmers and beard oil to keep him looking fresh. For the husband who prefers a clean-shaven face, a manly shaving kit complete with badger-hair brush and aftershave will make him feel like royalty.

2. Fun Socks

Remember when socks were the lamest gift you could get? Not anymore! Unique and vibrant socks are a new hallmark of men’s style. Whether the dress code is formal or business casual, a pair of bright socks add a little personality to his wardrobe. Choose from popular patterns like argyle and polka-dot or opt for novelty socks that feature his hobbies or interests.

3. Smart Watch

The convenience and high-tech advantages of a smart watch make it a Christmas gift he’s sure to get excited about. Not only does it look cool, but a smart watch lets you text, email, and surf the internet, all from your wrist! Make sure to go with a brand that’s compatible with his current smartphone so he can get the most out of his new tech.

4. Fashion Watch

If your hubby prefers something more analog, a fashion watch will add style and class to his look. Leather wristbands are an attractive option, but some guys prefer stainless steel or other, more precious metals. Regardless of its materials, a classic timepiece from a respected brand is a thoughtful gift that he’ll love to show off.

5. Cologne

Pick out the perfect cologne for your hubby that will make him feel confident and smell great. A new bottle of a tried-and-true fragrance is a thoughtful gift, or feel free to change things up and surprise him with a new scent that he’ll love and you won’t be able to get enough of.

6. Barware

Having a good selection of barware is important for a lot of married men, whether it’s for an after-work whiskey or get-togethers with friends. A special glass with his initials or the logo of his favorite brand is a great way to make it a more personal gift. Partner it with a bottle of liquor or a six-pack of his go-to brew so his new barware doesn’t stay empty.

7. Golf Clubs

Have your husband dreaming of a day on the green when you get him a new set of golf clubs. If a full set is more than you want to spend, no problem. Buying a quality driver or putter will still help him improve his game. However, golf may not be his sport. Substitute sports equipment that he’ll be excited about instead for a successful gift.

8. Drone

Your husband’s inner child will squeal with delight when he unwraps an RC helicopter or drone on Christmas morning. Drone piloting is quickly becoming a popular hobby for both outdoor enthusiasts and tech-happy husbands. He’ll be able take gorgeous high-definition pictures and videos from a unique aerial perspective or go for speed and try out drone racing. It’s smart to start out with a budget model until he gets down the basics, though.

9. Tool Set

Chances are you have a few projects around the house you’d like to be taken care of. Maybe you want a certain someone to handle some home improvements? Help your hubby and yourself when you get him the right tools to get the job done. A tool set is a useful gift that will serve him well for years to come.

10. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Every husband needs a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. They’re perfect for drowning out noise at work, home, or on the road. This gift is especially appreciated by husbands who travel frequently for work. Choose from slick earbuds and over-ear designs to find the perfect set for your loved one. Whether they’re for business or pleasure, a pair of quality noise-canceling headphones will bring a smile to his face Christmas morning.

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