Tips on Decorating with Wall Art

Tips on Decorating with Wall Art

Tips on Decorating with Wall Art
Turn any residence into a home with dazzling wall art. No home or apartment should suffer from barren walls. Instead of leaving walls naked, unique and creative wall art can grant your room a strong personality. By taking advantage of wall decor, you can create a new identity for your room without having to revamp your furniture or rearrange the room at all. Framed art can easily enhance every room of your house. Here are some ideas on how to use wall art to give your home an atmosphere that reflects your personality and style.

Tips on Decorating with Wall Art

Decorating with Wall Art:

The Rule of Three

When you are shopping for wall art, try to find a set of work done by the same artist in a set of three. There are a huge number of arrangements and display schemes you can cook up with three matching pieces of framed art. Usually, the three will have an underlying theme or been specifically designed to be displayed together.

Get Unconventional

Usually, wall art is equated with paintings or posters, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Try decorating with wall clocks, wall mirrors, metal wall art, wall sculptures or canvas art. You don’t need to completely shun more conventional wall art; after all, it’s popular for a reason, but don’t feel limited by conventions.

Reflect Your Style

If you’re going to put up wall art, chances are it is going to be there for a good while. As such, make sure it is something you will enjoy looking at. Whether you prefer abstract wall art, modern wall art or a more traditional look, make sure your wall decor matches your personality. Wall art might impress and intrigue visitors, but pick out framed art with you in mind.

Be Size Conscious

When it comes to choosing wall art, size matters. Be careful not to overwhelm the rest of your wall decor with one especially large piece of wall art. At the same time, make sure not to crowd any furniture you have pushed up against the wall. Before buying wall art, measure the wall space. Imagine how you plan on hanging wall decor before you choose the art itself.