Tips on Buying Canvas Art

Tips on Buying Canvas Art

Tips on Buying Canvas Art
The easiest way to transform a bare wall into a spectacular gallery is with canvas art. These three-dimensional paintings literally pop from the wall, creating a simple focal point that can make your home look more polished. Most canvas art is created for the masses using a giclee technique. This involves recreating a piece of fine art digitally and printing it on a high-quality inkjet printer. The image is then stretched over a canvas frame to create your piece of art. You can buy canvas art in nearly every genre, but this guide will help you decide what's right for you with a few tips on buying art.

Tips on Buying Canvas Art

Buying Canvas Art:


Pick a Room, Any Room

It’s no stretch to say that a canvas print can be found to fit any room theme or decor style. An abstract guitar print will look phenomenal hung in a home music studio, while a modern piece of color-blocked art makes a statement hung over a bed in place of a headboard. Find a spot that is looking a little bare, and it’s almost guaranteed you can find a piece of canvas art to hang there.


Measure for Size

Unlike prints, which need to be matted and framed before being hung, canvas prints are typically hung alone for maximum impact. You’ll want to take that into account when deciding where to hang your canvas art. There are several sizing options, from small canvases that are typically less than 12 inches in length and width to oversized works of art that can be over 40 inches. Measure your space and make sure to check the measurements as you shop.


Create a Unique Arrangement

You may often see canvas art hung as a singular statement piece; however, you can break the mold by purchasing canvas art sets or several canvases to be hung together. Create a collage wall over your sofa using varied sizes of canvas prints from one artist, or buy a complete art set that comes in sets of three or four and is made to create one cohesive image using multiple canvases.