Tips on Buying Bamboo Shades

Tips on Buying Bamboo Shades
Bamboo shades add texture to your windows, and they're an eco-friendly way to add privacy to your home. Bamboo blinds and shades come in many different styles, so you'll want to pick one that best complements your window. Whether you want traditional Roman bamboo shades that pull down to cover the entire window or bamboo blinds to let natural light into your rooms, these tips will help you find the bamboo blinds and shades that will complement your space.

Tips on Buying Bamboo Shades

Buying Bamboo Window Shades:


Add Privacy

If you want to add privacy to a window, purchase roll-up bamboo shades, which will lie flat against the glass but easily fold up when you want to add more light. If you want to add privacy between rooms that don’t have a door, add a bamboo curtain, which is an excellent way to add tropical style to room.


Use Them on Small Windows

Roll-up bamboo shades and bamboo Roman shades are both great options for small-paned windows, thanks to their simplicity. Make sure to measure your window before


Control The Light

When you want more control over the amount of light that filters in through the window, especially in the bedroom, purchase bamboo blinds. These window treatments feature slatted bamboo panels that open with a cord or rod. You can often find blinds or Roman bamboo shades that are woven if you would like a more rustic look.


Pick A Color That Works with Your Decor

While bamboo window shades are traditionally a tan shade, the natural color of dry bamboo, you can also find styles in mahogany, parchment, light brown, and honey-colored hues. If you’re unsure of the right color for your home, consider the window you’ll be buying them for. Roll-up bamboo blinds may look best in a dark color, such as olive or mahogany, if they’ll be providing shade in an open window. If you want to create a more laid-back, simple look, buy roll-up bamboo blinds in a cream-colored hue that will allow plenty of light to stream in.


Choose Bamboo Blinds and Shades That Will Also Work Outdoors

You can also spruce up your porch or patio door with the outdoor bamboo blinds. Make sure to choose shades that feature non-rusting metal parts, so they’ll be durable outside. You’ll also want to consider your climate before hanging outdoor bamboo blinds; bamboo is a natural fiber and will not hold up well if it is frequently exposed to rain.

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