Tips on Buying a Bed Skirt

Yellow bed skirt
Bed skirts are an easy way to add more style to your bedding. You’ll be pleased to know that a bed skirt is also ideal for both managing dust and hiding your under-the-bed storage. While shopping for a bed skirt is fairly simple, keeping these tips in mind will help you find the perfect one.

Yellow bed skirt


Tan bed skirt

Bed Skirt Size

Bed skirt sizes can vary, and a skirt that is too large or too small for the box spring can look uneven. Use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the top of the box spring to the floor. Add an inch or two to the drop measurement (the length of the visible bed skirt material) to ensure you purchase the correct size. An average bed skirt has a drop of around 14 inches, but longer bed skirts are available. If your bed skirt is too long, it will bunch up at the bottom. Bed skirts that are too short will leave a gap, revealing items you may have stored under the bed. You may need a longer than average bed skirt if you have a high bed and you want your bed skirt to fall to the floor.

White bed skirt

Bed Skirt Styles

Like bedding, bed skirts also come in a variety of styles to complement the look of your bedroom. A modern bedroom calls for a tailored skirt in a solid color. A pleated bed skirt fits right in with transitional styles. An eyelet skirt has a more traditional look, and tiers of ruffles embody Shabby Chic charm. Keep in mind that if your box spring is darker in color or patterned, it may show through a light-colored or white bed skirt. Opt for a bed skirt that is made of a dense, opaque fabric or place a fitted sheet over the box spring to provide extra coverage.

White bed skirt

Caring for your Bed Skirt

Bed skirts and dust ruffles can get dirty quickly, and can be a trap for dust and allergens, so be sure to clean them regularly. Look for easy-to-wash fabrics like cotton and linen. If you opt for a luxurious choice — like velvet or heavy upholstery-style fabrics — special care will be required. Using a soft-bristled attachment on a vacuum hose is an excellent way to remove dust from delicate fabrics. It’s best to vacuum your bed skirt every other week, with a wash once a month to keep it looking fresh. Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Blue and white bedding

Alternative Bed Skirt Options

Bed skirts aren’t the only way to keep dust out from under your bed and conceal storage; dust ruffles and oversize duvets can also do the job. Dust ruffles are often confused with bed skirts, but they’re actually different. Unlike bed skirts, dust ruffles wrap around the base of the bed, attaching with hook and loop fasteners or elastic. Dust ruffles are much easier to install and remove than bed skirts because you don’t have to lift up the mattress for installation. Another option is using an oversize duvet or comforter that hangs to the floor, which can give your bed a distinct, luxurious look.

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This says “dust ruffles” are different from bedskirts. Ok, type in “dust ruffle” into the search bar and where does it take you? to BEDSKIRTS. Overstock, fix this please.

Overstock Team

Hi Kathy!

“Bed skirt” and “dust ruffle” are just different names for the same item. We are in the process of updating this copy. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.