Thanksgiving Day Football Party Essentials

Thanksgiving Day Football Party Essentials

Thanksgiving Day Football Party Essentials Image provided by Anders Ruff Custom Designs

For a family who loves football, there’s no reason to spend Thanksgiving crammed around the dining room table wondering what the score is. This year, embrace your love of the game, and spend your Thanksgiving in front of the TV cheering on your teams. These football party ideas will help you feel thankful and festive while taking in the Thanksgiving Day football games.


Comfortable Seating for the Whole Crew

From comfortable seating to high definition TV views of the action, your home allows for the best and most pleasant game viewing situation. A large sofa and plenty of additional seating are a must, and strategically placed accent chairs ensure that all of your guests have a seat with a good view of the television. And remember, getting up to refill your plate shouldn’t mean you have to miss a play; a small TV in the kitchen helps keep all eyes on the action.


Thanksgiving Food with a Football Twist

Football Food with a Thanksgiving Twist
Image Provided by Anders Ruff Custom Designs

What does Thanksgiving have in common with a great tailgate party? Plenty of food! Thanksgiving football party menu ideas include fun takes on Thanksgiving classics like turkey chili, potato skins, and pumpkin pie shooters. Three NFL games throughout Thanksgiving Day makes three courses of food a perfect idea: appetizers, entrée, and dessert. Don’t forget football themed table runners, cheese boards, serving dishes, and glasses.


Football Decorations and Supplies

Football Party Supplies
Image Provided by Anders Ruff Custom Designs

Turn a regular party into a pigskin party with football decorations. Football-themed balloons and tablecloths set the gameday mood, and flags of your favorite team hung on the walls show exactly who you’re rooting for. Make things even more festive by setting up a DIY football-themed photo booth with a stadium-inspired backdrop and props like helmets, jerseys, referee shirts, and “D-FENCE” cutouts.


Games to Make the Games More Fun

Games to Make the Games More Fun

Make the most of the downtime in between the games with games of your own. Your party guests can get in the competitive spirit with lawn games like cornhole, ladder toss, horseshoes, or bocce ball, or go all-in with the football theme with a flag football setup for some backyard pigskin. And for indoor fun, “Pick ‘em” sheets and a “squares” style football pool make watching the games more interesting for everyone, even if your team isn’t playing.