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Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, it’s time to shake the hibernation and wake up your home with some spring decorating. When it comes to spring home decor, light touches and pretty details don’t just create a new look; they also create a new atmosphere. It’s all about welcoming outside elements into your home, maximizing natural light, and incorporating bold patterns. Keep reading for our best spring decorating tips.

Spring Trends & Tips


Spring Decorating Ideas

Let the Light In

The sun is out and the days are longer, which means your home will thank you for letting the light in. Natural light changes the look of an entire space. Its clean and unfiltered glow creates a more open space and a cheerful ambiance. Take advantage of the sunlight by drawing back the curtains and replacing heavy window treatments with sheer panels.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Embrace Houseplants

There’s no better way to bring the outdoors in than with houseplants. These living lovelies not only make a lush statement; they can also help lift your mood and improve air quality in your home. Embrace the look by placing potted plants in corners and on side tables. No green thumb? No problem. Hardy indoor greenery like rubber plants, ferns, ivy, and succulents are low maintenance options to refresh your interior.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Bring in New Scents

Warm, smoky, sweet, and spicy smells make a winter dream home, but when spring comes around it’s time to fill your home with aromas that suit the season. Opt for candles or oil diffusers with floral, citrus, and fruit notes that are sure to wake up your senses with clean, blooming aromas.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Bring Spring Style to Your Porch

Create the perfect porch-sitting atmosphere with the right patio decor. If you have a hardy doormat for catching snow, water, and salt in the wintertime, swap out that weather-worn mat for a natural fiber welcome mat. The grassy and organic texture is perfect for spring but still catches dirt before it’s tracked inside. Liven up your porch with flowers and planters, and complete the look with a boho wildflower wreath.

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