10 Items to Simplify Your Morning Routine
Items for a Breezy Morning Routine
Himalayan Salt Lamp

1. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Simulate healthy sun exposure with a therapeutic salt lamp. The restorative lighting will decrease your brain’s levels of melatonin, which is the chemical that makes you sleepy. Put the lamp in your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you spend the most time getting ready. By lighting the lamp for 20 to 30 minutes first thing in the morning, you’ll feel more awake. As your salt lamp emits an energizing glow, it also releases negative ions, which refreshes the air. You’ll feel happier and more productive, which is the perfect natural remedy when the weather is gloomy or you don’t consider yourself a “morning person.”

Essential Oils

2. Essential Oils

If you suffer from a lack of sleep, you’re more likely to shove your head under a pillow and let precious minutes slip away from your morning routine. Get a jump on your day by gearing up with essential oils. A cheery lemongrass or pungent peppermint are revitalizing fragrances to give your morning a boost. Essential oils can also work to regulate your sleep, so you wake up feeling ready to seize the day. To ground your evenings, make a relaxing lavender or soothing sandalwood your bedtime blend. To experience the effects of aromatherapy, rub a small drop of essential oil under your nose, or drip a few drops into a diffuser to spread a scented mist evenly throughout a room.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

3. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Fight grogginess with an upbeat playlist and an invigorating shower. A water-resistant speaker can be suction cupped to the walls of your shower to pump up your mornings with rocking tunes. This item is doubly effective in putting some pep in your step. A cold shower triggers your circulation and listening to a strong beat increases your heart rate, which keeps you from nodding off. Positive lyrics are also helpful to shift your morning grumpiness toward a performance-based mindset. Some shower speakers even come with an alarm clock feature, perfect for timing yourself to keep a consistent morning routine.

Gym Bag

4. Gym Bag

Adding exercise to your morning routine releases chemicals for a day full of optimism and clarity. Keep a gym bag by your bed or front door to make fitness a small, doable habit. A traditional duffel is easy to grab on your way out and can hold all your training equipment, shoes, and other sporty gear. If the thought of working up a sweat seems torturous, then start with regular, low-intensity exercise like walking your dog or even simple stretching. Sleeping in your gym clothes will also help encourage you to be active as part of your morning routine.

Water Bottle

5. Water Bottle

If you’re feeling weak and dizzy when you wake up, you’re most likely dehydrated after a full night’s rest. Push oxygen to your brain and muscles by chugging a full bottle of water when you roll out of bed. This will quickly become a motivating part of your morning routine because good hydration increases memory and concentration. A citrus infuser is a healthy addition to a water bottle for enhancing flavor, kick starting your metabolism, and controlling your dietary intake. While sweets and caffeinated drinks make you crash, sipping a refillable bottle of water is a longer-lasting way to fight fatigue, and the bottle is easy to take along on your morning commute.

Makeup Organizer or Shave Set

6. Makeup Organizer or Shave Set

Looking good is key to feeling confident and successful, so make grooming part of your morning routine. A makeup organizer with removable drawers can stash a visible assortment of cosmetics and brushes. That way you’re not hunting for them through your purse. An acrylic display case has plenty of slots for lipsticks and nail polishes, and larger ones have compartments for beauty tools, sprays, and other toiletries. For the man in your life, add a stylish shave set to your vanity. With a razor stand, brush handle, and soap dish, it makes for a convenient and sophisticated morning routine. A double-sided mirror is a handsome and practical feature for inspecting a close shave. You’ll both save time, look great, and feel accomplished.

Closet Organizer

7. Closet Organizer

The longer you stare at your closet, or dig through floor piles for something to wear, the more likely you are to get caught in traffic. A closet organizer makes it easy to lay out your clothes the night before or plan weekly attire. Hang your wardrobe on garment rods to keep shirts, slacks, and skirts evenly spaced, and give you a better idea of what’s available. To avoid repeating outfits or hoarding clothes, flip hangers backwards or move them to the back of the line after the clothes are rehung. Many closet organizers come with shoe shelves and a tower for sorting purses and jewelry, so choosing accessories is a functional process, not a time-consuming one. Storage helps you structure your morning routine, so it seems more achievable.


8. Juicer

Fuel your morning with proteins, fruits, and veggies in one nutritious, flavorful smoothie. A juicer makes meal prep quick and easy. You can immediately replenish your glucose, which will keep your energy up throughout the day. With a thick, hearty juice for breakfast or a premade lunch, you’ll feel fuller and consume fewer daily calories. The natural sugars and carbohydrates keep you moving and grooving at work while the vitamins and minerals help you to stay strong and alert. You and your family can embrace a healthy lifestyle and fruitful mornings by grabbing simple, portable blends on your way out the door.


9. Journal

Instead of starting the day by building anxiety, choose to pour it all out into a journal. Taking time in the morning to jot down ideas, sketches, or a few things you’re grateful for will prepare you to focus. Whether you’re unleashing everything on your mind or weighing a list of goals, writing helps to improve your memory and stir up creativity. You’ll get the cogs turning and feel readier to take on the day. Keep electronics far away or on do not disturb mode as you write. Limiting tech time not only adds minutes onto your morning routine, but it also keeps you from checking articles and social media that could put a damper on your mood.

Hall Tree

10. Hall Tree

Much like a closet organizer, a hall tree helps with time management. It adds a bold look to your mud room or foyer and hands you all your last-minute items. A row or two of hooks can hang kids’ backpacks and lunches, or your coats and hats, and makes them easy to grab right at the end of your morning routine. With so much hanging storage, you won’t be running back to snatch a forgotten umbrella or delaying your commute while you look for your keys. Hall trees also come with a bottom bench for pulling on boots. Lidded benches include space underneath for storing seasonal scarves, mittens, and other outerwear. They often have a safety hinge for protecting little fingers.

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