How to Create the Most Efficient Home Office Ever

How to Create the Most Efficient Home Office Ever

Home office with a white desk, bookcase, and arm chair

Working from home necessitates a home office that inspires productivity and efficiency. Follow these steps for a home office overhaul that will improve your daily work experience.


Get Rid of Distractions

Home office with a desk, calendar, cork board, and book shelf

Many people who work from home struggle to completely immerse themselves in work when there are home responsibilities lurking around every corner. Help yourself stay in the zone by creating a defined work space in your home. Setting up your home office in a separate room helps to minimize outside distractions and lets you focus on your work.

Everything you bring into your office should be work related. Try to keep personal and family projects from creeping in. Having a dedicated work space can make a huge difference in how productive you are during the day.


Decorate With Productive Colors

Home office with a green accent wall and a desk and chair. Image Provided By APT. 34

How you decorate your office can actually help you be more productive. Start with a purposeful color scheme and let the rest of your decor follow suit. The colors you implement will set the tone and energy in your space, so choose them based on how you want to room to feel.

For instance, if you have a highly stressful position, you might choose to decorate your office in calming shades of blue. Blue also helps to improve focus and productivity. A more creative position calls for the use of creative colors like yellow or green. Neutrals, like white, grey, and beige, are the least productive colors but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid them. Just be sure to include a generous mix of efficiency-boosting colors to offset the neutral tones.


Personalize the Decorations

White Desk with a pink chair, globe, flowers, and wall art. Image Provided by At Home With Ashley

If your office doesn’t feel inviting, you probably won’t be motivated to work in it. Personal photos and charming decor make a big difference in your office ambiance. Decorative accents also help you maintain a positive energy while you work and draw inspiration for new projects. Adorn your desk with fun knick-knacks that coordinate with the color scheme in the room.

As you choose decorations, limit the number of items you include to preserve enough space for actual work. A thought-provoking piece of art above your desk can provide inspiration when you’re feeling creatively blocked or just be a welcome distraction when your eyes need a break.


Simplify and Organize

Desk organizer, with a pen and post it note holder

No matter what kind of work you do, you need some kind of organizational system. Being able to easily find what you’re looking for will keep you from feeling stressed and frustrated. Get rid of old papers and clutter, and try to arrange your files, whether physical or digital, in the simplest, most logical way. The more straightforward your system, the easier it will be to find exactly what you need when you need it.

Use a desktop organizer to keep your desk clear and your writing implements, reference materials, and important notes easily accessible. Anything that doesn’t relate to your work, doesn’t belong on your desk. For more tips on a productive desk setup, read this guide.


Incorporate Adequate Lighting

Wood Desk in front of a window

Having a well-lit office is important for reducing eye strain and maintaining a positive mood, but your room’s existing lighting may not be ideal. Natural light is best for a establishing a cheerful work environment. Try to position your desk parallel to a window to get all the sunny benefits without catching a glare on your computer screen. If your space has only a harsh overhead light, turn it off and incorporate floor lamps to customize your office ambiance. Or, swap out your overhead fixture for a new one that matches your office decor and provides the right kind of illumination. You can even supplement your setup with a desk lamp to improve visibility and productivity.


Perk It Up With Plants

Succulent Plant in a Black Planter

Bringing live plants into your home office has a number of healthy side effects. Having plants around has been reported to help increase productivity, reduce stress, fight mental fatigue, and purify the air. If you have a bad track record with keeping plants alive, choose a snake plant, Chinese evergreen, or peace lily which require minimal maintenance and provide air-purifying benefits.

You can increase the visual appeal of your plant with a stylish flower pot. A rustic metal option gives your office the warm, homey feel of farmhouse decor. Or, choose a metallic gold planter to give off glam office vibes.


Establish a Time Management System

Acrylic Calendar with a gold frame hung on the wall above a desk.

One of the best ways to keep yourself on task while working at home is to have a reliable method for managing your time. One solution is to use a planner to keep track of your daily tasks and responsibilities. Starting every day by reviewing your to-do list will ensure that you stay focused on work.

A planner is also helpful for setting personal deadlines and tracking your time. Maintaining a productive work day at home means setting work hours, just like you would at a traditional office. A wall calendar, white board, or chalkboard is a great option for visualizing upcoming deadlines and tasks.


Arrange the Layout to Meet Your Needs

Linen and Wood Arm Chair in Front of a Window.

Your home office layout should be determined by the work that you do. Whether you meet with clients or create hands-on projects, you need sufficient space to get the job done. To plan your layout, take stock of your work responsibilities. For each task that requires its own space, create a designated zone in your office.

You could include an armchair next to the window for a comfortable place to sit and review paperwork. Consider adding a second matching armchair so you can also use the area to meet with clients. A large table, separate from your desk, can serve as a creative project area and house any necessary materials. Once you divide your office into functional zones, you’ll have adequate space for any undertaking that comes your way.


Utilize Music

Black Bluetooth Speaker Image Provided by Jonas Jacobsson

Listening to music while you work can also boost productivity. Music improves your mood which helps you maintain efficiency, especially on long days that seem to drag on. Working at home gives you the flexibility to play your music on speakers instead of relying solely on headphones. Bluetooth speakers are excellent options that let you play music directly from your phone or computer. Read speaker descriptions and reviews carefully to ensure that you’re purchasing one that meets your expectations.


Improve Productivity With Ergonomic Office Furniture

Black and White Ergonomic Office Chair

The right office furniture adds more than good looks and function. You need pieces that aid in your comfort as you work, like a chair that supports you and a desk that works for you. An adjustable office chair guarantees comfort for long working hours. For more advice on choosing an ergonomic desk chair, check out this guide.

An adjustable-height desk gives you the flexibility to stand and work when you just need to stretch your legs. Don’t forget a standing mat! It provides extra cushion, so your feet and legs don’t get sore.