10 Elements You Need to Master Modern Farmhouse Decor

10 Elements You Need to Master Modern Farmhouse Decor

How to Master Modern Farmhouse Decor

What is Modern Farmhouse?

If you love both older and newer interior design styles, modern farmhouse is ideal for your home. Think of modern farmhouse as an update on the classic country farmhouse style. It pairs the sleekness of modern and industrial design with the warmth of a classic farmhouse look. While it might seem like an unlikely duo, modern farmhouse is a match made in heaven. Keep on reading for the key staples in modern farmhouse style.


Cozy Textiles

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Cozy Textiles

Cozy textiles are reminiscent of days curled up in a comfy nook with a book and a cup of hot chocolate. These comfy fabrics are key to a warm and inviting modern farmhouse design. Place a few checkered pillows over a contemporary sofa, or cover your bed in a soft throw blanket with hand-stitched details.


Modern Furniture

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Modern Furniture

Anchor any room in your home with pieces of classic and modern furniture. Place a contemporary chair over a rustic rug to create an interesting contrast, or place modern barstools underneath a classic farmhouse table. The sleekness of any modern piece of furniture will emphasize the rustic decor that you pair it with, and vice versa.


Barn Doors

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Barn Doors

A staple in any farmhouse, barn doors are pivotal for your contemporary farmhouse home. Classic barn doors are popular for their easy sliding function and reclaimed wood, which bring a little bit of country charm into your home. If you’re fully committed to the modern farmhouse look, replace a door or two with sliding barn doors. Make a big statement by adding a sliding barn door between your living room and dining room to create separation.


Industrial Touches

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Industrial Touches

Pull your home back to present day by adding a few touches of the industrial here and there. Whether you go big with industrial concrete floors or opt for something simple, such as industrial bar stools, this style will complete your modern farmhouse home.


Classic Details

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Classic Details

Add rustic charm to your home by incorporating classic details and accessories. These timeless touches won’t overpower or date your home, so they’ll pair nicely with any modern or industrial pieces that you have. Hang a beautiful vintage clock on the wall or place a rustic area rug in your bedroom. Classic details are ideal for any contemporary farmhouse home.



Modern Farmhouse Decor: Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a great detail that can add visual interest to any room. Depending on your preference, you can find chandeliers in both the farmhouse and modern style. A modern chandelier adds a bright and contemporary feel to any room, while an antique chandelier brings a softness and coziness. No matter what style you choose, a chandelier will be a welcome addition to your home.


Reclaimed Wood

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Reclaimed Wood

If you’re looking for the perfect element to complete your modern-farmhouse style home, look no further than reclaimed wood. This style of wood is reminiscent of both industrial and country-chic style because it’s found both in barns and warehouses everywhere. You can use this trend throughout your home by laying down reclaimed wood floors or simply adding touches of it here and there with a reclaimed wood table or two.


Mixed and Matched Patterns

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Mixed and Match Patterns

The perk of the modern farmhouse style? You’re free to mix and match your favorite, classic patterns! Conscious clashing and pattern mashups are imperative to nailing this particular style. Don’t be afraid to throw both checkered and striped pillows on your bed. Just make sure they’re all within the same color family. Expert tip – when pairing patterns, make sure to mix up the scale to maintain balance. Get more pattern play ideas with these easy tips.


Botanical Prints

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Botanical Prints

Whether you live in the countryside or the city, you can bring some greenery into your home with a group of beautiful botanical prints. No matter what plants your botanical prints portray, a group of illustrations will immediately bring life into your home. Create a gallery wall by arranging a group of prints together or scatter a few prints throughout your house for a breath of fresh air.


Modern Rugs

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Modern Rug

What’s the best way to complete any modern farmhouse-themed room? A modern rug, of course! Find a rug that’s in a simple and minimalistic pattern to match the other decor in your room. Add a layer of coziness by laying down a particularly plush or fuzzy rug.