Mid-Century Modern Interiors 101

Mid-Century Modern Interiors 101

Mid-Century Modern Interiors 101
Like taking a time machine back to the Fabulous '50s, Mid-Century Modern interior design is your ticket to a classic, retro look. Use this quick guide to Mid-Century Modern style to learn the staples of this look and how to easily implement it into your home.

Mid-Century Modern Interiors 101

Start with a Retro Color Palette

The foundation of any Mid-Century Modern interior is a color palette full of vibrant, earthy colors. Burnt orange, mustard yellow, and forest green are staples of this look and make great options for upholstery or artwork. Use neutral colors or white walls as a backdrop and let the other colors take center stage.

Coordinate Throwback Patterns

Add eye-catching Mid-Century Modern patterns to any room using area rugs, throw pillows, and wall art. Colorful abstract designs, geometric shapes, and atomic patterns popularized in the ’50s add an artistic touch to your decor and greatly increase the visual appeal of your space.

Keep It Classy with Wood

Inspired by Traditional style, Mid-Century Modern utilizes wood furniture to add a natural aesthetic and sense of class to your home. From chairs with wood arms and legs to TV stands with a full wood construction, there are many ways to incorporate wood materials into your decor.

Make a Statement with Stylish Furniture

The unique design of Mid-Century Modern furniture is the hallmark of its vintage style. Focusing on simplified constructions with an artistic touch, Eames-style chairs, low-profile couches, arched lamps, and other 1950s decor defined the look of Mid-Century Modern interiors.

Bring Nature Inside

Enhance the natural feel of your space and complement the earth tones of your design with some plants. Potted ferns, succulents in terrariums, and hanging air plants perfectly accent the look of a Mid-Century Modern interior without distracting from its simplicity.