Leather Luggage Buying Guide

a person holding brown leather luggage
When traveling frequently for work or pleasure, you need luggage that can withstand the wear and tear that can occur. Leather luggage is a popular choice because of its durable construction and quality craftsmanship. Boast your flair for intricate detailing and genuine leather products when adding leather sets to your packing list. When choosing luggage sets, opt for comfort, form, and function with these suitcases, bags, and backpacks that will be with you for the long haul.

a person holding brown leather luggage

The Carry-On Solution

Carry-on luggage is essential when traveling from one side of the country or world to the other side, especially when you don’t have time to check a bag. Opt for a quality leather luggage set that features an expandable, pull-out or push-button handle that locks to easily whisk through a narrow aisle when flying. Inline skate wheels are also essential to prevent the top-grain leather materials from scuffing on tiled flooring or carpeting when moving quickly through airports. Many leather luggage sets also feature zippered front pouches for storing business documents or cards so they’re easily accessible when rushing into that important business meeting right after landing.

The Durable Travel Staple

If you’re tired of replacing your luggage sets or leather purses after just a few trips, it is time to upgrade to the quality of leather pieces. Opt for durable pieces with genuine top-grain cowhide leather constructions. Whereas cloth suitcases or bags made from synthetic fabrics can easily tear from constant use and motion, leather materials become smoother as time and use continues. A scratch here or there only adds to the aged beauty of leather backpacks and suitcases.

The Overnight Duffel Bag

When packing up just a few essentials for an overnight trip or stay, a leather duffel bag offers the storage and small compartments you need to house beauty products and clothing. Store your toothbrush in the interior zippered pockets, and keep your perfume or cologne safe and secure in the exterior pockets. The durable leather materials also protect the contents of your bag from water spills in the car or rain when heading outdoors.

The Old, Yet New School Supply

Sling a leather backpack over your shoulder and feel how the smooth exterior cradles your body. Whether you opt for thick, leather straps or slim drawstrings, you can easily carry this durable bag to and from classes or business meetings. Leather backpacks offer ample storage for clothing, books, binders and school accessories. The durable bag in a pack features fold-over closures to easily access your belongings and grab what you need in a hurry. Choose convenience with a small backpack that is built not only to last, but to complement your style. The longer you own a leather bag, the more intense the colors of the leather become as oils migrate throughout the material.

The Leather Work Essential

When travel is all work and no play, a leather briefcase is the sensible choice to get you through those long days. Leather briefcases feature multiple pockets to store pens, data drives, and business cards. In addition, you can keep documents and electronics separate with sturdy dividers inside the briefcase. Avoid worrying about damage to your confidential business files when the durable stretch of the leather exterior offers ultimate protection. Access your laptop with ease with leather briefcases featuring fold-over clasps or zippered pouches.

The Tote of All Totes

Luggage sets should include a variety of sized cases and compartments. Leather totes are ideal for storing small items, electronics, and snacks when driving across country or flying through the air. Totes feature strong leather straps that are resistant to frays and tears when worn regularly. Make use of the tiny compartments or large open area of a leather tote to keep your personal belongings close by at all times.

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