7 Toy Storage Ideas That Cut Out Clutter

7 Toy Storage Ideas That Cut Out Clutter

Kids Toy Storage Ideas For Any Home

As a parent, you want to provide your children with the play space of their dreams. The best way to achieve a well-used playroom is to provide toy storage that your children can easily use. Keep your kids’ toys organized and ready for fun with these storage suggestions.


Cubby Storage

Kids Toy Storage Ideas: Cubby Storage Image Provided by Ann Ueno

There’s a reason why cubbies are classic toy storage solutions. Cubbies come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to find just the right fit for your child’s playroom. You can store anything and everything in cubbies, including dolls, electronics, and even toy cars.


Play Kitchen Storage

Toy Storage Ideas for Any Home: Play Kitchen Storage

If your child enjoys playing house, give them realistic storage to place their pretend play toys. Find them a play kitchen with cabinets, cupboards, and drawers to store their plate sets and silverware. You can even get them cubbies to organize their play food. Not only is this a great way to keep their play kitchen organized, but you’re also teaching your children how to keep their own homes organized in the future.


Open Boxes for Blocks

Toy Storage Ideas: Open Boxes for Blocks

Pair organization and learning with this easy kid’s toy storage idea. Instead of keeping your child’s blocks in one big, disorganized box, try sorting them by color into multiple boxes. Use a label maker to specify which color goes in which open box. Not only does this make for easy and organized storage, it will also help your young children learn their colors.


Floating Shelves

Toy Storage Ideas for Any Home: Floating Shelves Image Provided by Ann Ueno

Every parent knows how quickly their children’s bookshelf can get disorganized. Books can easily be strewn across the floor, making any room immediately messy. Save yourself the headache of constantly picking up and patching books by storing them on floating shelves. Not only will this stop little hands from tossing books left and right, but it’s also a great way to display your child’s favorite stories.


Woven Baskets

Toy Storage Ideas for Any Home: Woven Baskets

Another great way to avoid a cluttered floor is by storing toys and books in woven baskets. These are easily accessible for your little ones, allowing them to grab their favorite stuffed animals. To keep a clutter-free space, try placing baskets near your kids’ beds. That way they’ll be able to have their favorite books or stuffed animals within arm’s reach before bedtime.



Toy Storage Ideas for Any Home: Bookshelf

Does your child like to make your whole house their playroom? Try placing a bookshelf in your family room to store their favorite toys. Bookshelves often have multiple shelves, so one should provide plenty of room for their most-used toys. You’ll be able to fit stuffed animals, books, crafting supplies, and much more. That way, they won’t have to constantly drag their toys back and forth all day.


Multifunctional Furniture

Toy Storage Ideas for Any Home: Multifunctional Furniture

When it comes to storing your children’s toys, you can never go wrong with multifunctional furniture. Multifunctional furniture is ideal for playrooms of any size and provide use storage in an unobtrusive way. Try using a bench with cubbies on the bottom to hold books, stuffed animals, and blocks, or go with a plush storage ottoman to contain games and action figures while also providing extra seating.