Indoor Camping Ideas

Indoor Camping Ideas

Must-Haves for Indoor Camping
There’s nothing quite like camping in the great outdoors. But when bad weather strikes or allergies rear their ugly heads, camping may not seem like a viable pastime. If the kids are itching to have an adventure but the weather just won’t cooperate, indoor camping is a great alternative! Whether it's a torrential downpour or nature is just not your thing, indoor camping is the perfect alternative to spending the night outdoors. Grab some blankets and pillows, hang a string of twinkle lights, and hunker down for a cozy camping trip indoors — shoes optional.

3 Ways to Build a Blanket Fort for Indoor Camping

Living Room Lodge
Living Room Lodge

Your living room is an obvious first option for your indoor campsite. The space alone is ideal for a family-sized camping outfit. Not to mention, all the living room furniture to aid in your fort building endeavors.

To create a family-sized lodge, align your couches across from each other with plenty of space in between for sleeping. Use a floor lamp or a tall chair in between your couches to prop up a blanket roof and give it some height.

Living room bonus: A built-in fireplace is a perfect place to build a campfire. Get the marshmallows ready!

Dining Room Yurt
Dining Room Yurt

Build a blanket fort in your dining room to maintain a proximity to food without the fear of animals being attracted to the smell. A yurt is a logical design for a table fort, especially if the table is round.

Create a steep roof by setting an ottoman on the center of the table, then drape blankets over it and let them cascade to the floor. Stack heavy books on top of the blankets on the ottoman to keep the blankets from slipping off. You can increase the size of your yurt by pulling your dining chairs away from the table and letting the blankets bridge the gap.

Bedroom Lean-to
Bedroom Lean-To

The beauty of indoor camping is that you can mimic a camping experience and still get to sleep in your own bed. Maximize space above your bed by creating a bedroom lean-to.

Use pushpins to hang your longest sheet near the ceiling on the wall next to the bed and let it drape across the bed to a chair on the opposite side. Maintain an outdoor atmosphere with mini trees. A makeshift firepit is simple to create with a ring of pillows around your laptop as it plays a crackling fire video on YouTube.

Bask in the glow of your digital campfire and enjoy the peaceful absence of mosquitos.