9 Ideas for Organizing Your Baby’s Nursery

9 Ideas for Organizing Your Baby’s Nursery

Organized Nursery
From diapers to blankets and everything in between, there’s a lot to organize in a baby’s nursery. Before you stock up on boxes and drawers, peruse this list of ideas to find the right solution for your organizational needs.

Utilize Floor Baskets

Floor baskets filled with stuffed animals

A big basket on the floor next to your baby’s crib is more than a cute piece of decor — baskets are great for housing extra blankets, burp cloths, and even toys. Make sure to position them where you’ll need them most: blankets by the crib, burp cloths by the rocker, and toys within easy reach for baby.


Find Extra Space Under the Crib

Under Crib Storage

Under-crib storage is out of the way but still very accessible. Use drawers or a rolling shelf to store extra bedding so it’s easy to get to when you have to unexpectedly change the sheets in the middle of the night. Fold and stack items in order of how you might need them, with sheets and burp cloths towards the front and extra blankets at the back. Don’t forget to cover your under-crib storage with a crib-size bed skirt so the nursery maintains a put-together look.


Organize Your Drawers

Organized drawers

Baby clothes are so cute, so tiny, and so hard to keep organized. You can help them stay straightened in big dresser drawers by sectioning them off with drawer dividers. Instead of trying to fold tiny bodysuits, roll them up and arrange them in a sock-drawer organizer to keep the drawer clean and orderly. For baby clothes that come as a set, fold them together so you can quickly find all the elements of the outfit.


Double Up on Hampers

Hamper for Nursery

Keep stains from transferring to other clothes in the hamper by using two laundry baskets to sort your baby’s dirty clothes. You can choose one double-sided hamper to save space or two coordinating ones. Put the hampers in places that seem most logical to you, whether that’s next to the changing table or hidden in the closet.


Hang a Closet Organizer to Hide Clutter

Closet organizer for Nursery

Using a hanging storage shelf is a simple fix for all the small baby items that never seem to have a home. Hang it in the closet to keep the clutter at bay. The shelves can be a catchall for random odds and ends or you can use them to sort things like thermometers, pacifiers, combs, and mittens.


Set Up a Diaper Cart

Storage cart setup with diaper changing supplies. Image Provided by Wendy Correen Smith

As the items that you’ll reach for most often, diapers need a place of their own. Set up a utility cart with all your diaper-changing necessities, like diapers, wipes, cream, and extra bodysuits, for unexpected blowouts. Chances are that you’ll change your baby’s diaper in more places than just their nursery, and the wheels on your diaper cart will make it easy to move around.


Decorate With Apothecary Jars

Glass apothecary jars with baby supplies Image Provided by blue i style

Apothecary jars are chic decorations for any space, even a nursery. Line a few on a shelf out of your child’s reach and use them to store any small baby-related items. Pacifiers, socks, nail clippers, and combs fit easily in jars and double as cute nursery decorations. For an extra level of charm, add cute, stick-on labels to each jar to identify what’s inside.


Repurpose a Bookshelf

Bookcase organized with storage baskets

In small nurseries you have to take advantage of vertical space. A bookshelf is a perfect option for a small nursery — it has plenty of shelves and a small footprint. Instead of storing items directly on the shelves, consider using coordinating baskets to sort things like clothes, toiletries, or toys and put those on the shelf for a cleaner look.


Make Your Own Bow Display

Bows displayed on a wreath Image Provided by PRETTY PROVIDENCE

Whether your baby has a different bow for every outfit or five staples that you rotate through, you need a coherent way to store them. Instead of piling them in a drawer or basket, consider displaying your bow collection so it can double as decor. To make your own bow display, all you need is a wire wreath frame. Position your display in the nursery where it’s easy to access for everyday use.