How to Wear Pearl Necklaces Casually

How to Wear Pearl Necklaces Casually
The pearl has long been hailed as a very refined gemstone for jewelry. Pearl necklaces have adorned the soft necks of young ladies and women at fine parties and proper weddings for centuries. But let's not forget that pirates also loved pearls. Pearl jewelry may have been a much less formal decoration for strong and beautiful women aboard ancient ships. If you are looking for a unique way to wear your pearls, consider pairing pearl necklaces with casual ensembles. Your pearl strands probably just sit in your jewelry box most of the time anyway. Pearl pendants and other pearl jewelry are making a comeback as fashion necklaces. Wear your pearl strands, pearl pendants and other gemstone jewelry casually with these tips.

How to Wear Pearl Necklaces Casually

Wearing Casual Pearl Necklaces:

Choose the right pieces.

Whether you are shopping for new pearl necklaces or selecting pearls from your collection to wear as fashion necklaces, it is important to select the right necklaces for each outfit. When wearing a simple outfit, such as dark jeans and a black tank top, bold pearl necklaces are ideal. A long strand of pearls wrapped twice around your neck will lend drama to an ensemble and help you keep casual from becoming bland. When wearing a more complicated outfit, such as a printed sundress and loud sneakers, effortless pendant necklaces might be a better choice. Pearl necklaces that incorporate other gemstones are great for coordinating with colorful outfits.

Coordinate with other jewelry.

Both pearl strands and pendant necklaces can be dramatic or demure. When accessorizing with pearls, consider keeping other pieces of jewelry to a minimum. Pearls are typically very eye-catching, so allow your pearls to take center stage. This is especially important when wearing pearls casually, as to avoid looking overdone during the day.

Don’t get too trendy.

Wearing pearls with jeans has become quite popular, so you’ll want to make sure and put your personal signature on any outfit when accessorizing with pearls. Choose your favorite hue when shopping for pearl necklaces or hang a treasured pendant from your pearl strand. You can even wear pearl necklaces as bracelets, hair pieces or handbag accessories. Consider unique options when wearing pearl necklaces casually.

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