How to Use a Bedskirt

How to Use a Bedskirt

If you're looking to give your bed an extra bit of pizzazz, think bedding accessories. Bedskirts are the perfect final touch to all well-made beds. Used to disguise unsightly box-spring mattresses, bedskirts work to create a streamlined look. They are easy to install and come in a huge variety of styles, colors and materials. Look below to learn how to use a bedskirt.

Using a Bedskirt:

Pick a style.

Choose the style that best suits your taste and bedroom decor. Some bedding sets come with a matching bedskirt, but you may prefer a neutral white or ivory fabric. Some bedskirts are ruffled and gathered, while others are more tailored, with just a few pleats.

Wash it.

Wash the bedskirt according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will soften the material and help eliminate wrinkles. If the bedskirt comes out of the washer or dryer wrinkled, iron it according the manufacturers recommendations. Ironing your bedskirt will give it a crisp look that finishes off your bed decor.

Remove the mattress.

Remove the mattress from your bed frame and set it to the side. You can leave the sheets, mattress pad and blankets on if you wish or remove them to make the job easier. This task may take two people for large, heavy mattresses.

Place the bedskirt on top of the box spring.

Many bedskirts have only three hanging edges; in which case, the fourth edge will line up with the headboard. If your headboard is not flush with the wall and you want your bedskirt to show from all angles, purchase a bedskirt that has four hanging edges.

Put the mattress back.

Place the mattress on top of the bedskirt carefully. This will require two people; if you try to push the mattress into place, you will disarrange the position of the bedskirt. If you are having trouble sliding the mattress back onto the bed, consider purchasing special clips that allow you to clip the bedskirt in place and keep it from moving or sliding. Now you can make up the bed with the rest of your bed linens.