How to Shop for Men’s Wedding Shoes

How to Shop for Men’s Wedding Shoes

A groom wearing dress shoes on his wedding day
A lot of attention goes into the details of your big day, from flowers and photographs to what the wedding party is wearing. This goes for the groom too, and men's wedding shoes are an important detail. Whether you're looking for something formal or casual, men's oxfords come in a variety of styles to fit any wedding. The following tips can help you choose the right men's wedding shoes for the big day.

A groom wearing dress shoes on his wedding day

Shopping for Men’s Wedding Shoes:

Formal or Casual

Your shoe choice should be somewhat dictated by how formal or informal the event is. If the wedding is formal, a classic pair of black dress shoes is the best choice to wear with a tuxedo. For a less formal ceremony, you can relax your style a little and choose dress oxfords in brown, grey or tan. You can also play with shapes and choose a squared toe or swap traditional dress shoes for more modern ankle boots. Some grooms even choose a pair of clean, classic sneakers for the most casual weddings or a pair of sandals for ceremonies on the beach.


Dress shoes are traditionally black, especially for formal occasions. Modern weddings, however, offer quite a bit of leeway on the matter. Brown, navy, tan and even red dress shoes are becoming more popular, especially for the groom who wants something different. You’ll still need to pay attention to how the color of your shoes coordinates with the rest of the outfit. To keep your look balanced, choose dress shoes that are darker than your suit or as dark as your suit if you are wearing black.


You’ll likely be wearing your shoes for several hours on the big day, especially if you’re the groom. This means that you’ll want them to be comfortable. Make sure the shoes you choose fit comfortably from the toe to the heel. Your toes shouldn’t touch the front of the shoe, and the heel shouldn’t slip. Make sure the shoes are not too tight through the ball of your foot and that they don’t rub your feet in the pressure points. Most dress shoes have a low heel to relieve pressure while standing as well.


If you’re planning on dancing at your wedding, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the shoes you buy. Look for a sole that can handle dancing without being too sticky or too slick. A treaded rubber sole will make it hard to move, but a particularly hard plastic sole will slip on a dance floor. Look for shoes with smooth leather soles or soft rubber soles without treading.

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