How to Recycle a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Bed topped with a memory foam mattress topper
Once your memory foam mattress pad stops providing springy support for your mattress, it's time to let it go. In fact, switching out your memory foam mattress topper every 10 years is recommended to ensure that you're getting the support you want while you sleep. Rather than throwing your old memory foam bedding away, try repurposing it with a few helpful tips. Keep reading to learn how to recycle a memory foam mattress pad in an eco-friendly way.

Bed topped with a memory foam mattress topper

Recycling Memory Foam Pads:

Determine if your topper has life left in it.

When a memory foam mattress pad begins to wear out, it will show signs of wear on the top layer, where the cellular structure has begun to crumble. If your memory foam topper has indentations that do not dissipate within an hour, it’s time to get a new topper that can give you the supportive sleep you want.

Find a recycling center.

Tossing your memory foam topper out can be harmful to the environment, so try looking for a recycling center that can recycle your mattress pad rather than sending it to a landfill. The foam used in memory foam and latex foam is completely recyclable, so you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by taking the mattress pad to one of these facilities. Manufacturers often accept old memory foam bedding, so if that’s more convenient, you may want to consider dropping it off there.

Convert it into something useable.

Just because your memory foam mattress topper has reached the end of its life span in your bedroom doesn’t mean it needs to be thrown out quite yet. There are several ways to turn your old foam pad into something useful that won’t require removing it from your house. Memory foam works great for stuffing pet beds, and larger memory foam pads can be folded in half to create a padded place for guests. If you have accent pillows that are also beginning to show wear, cut out a square piece of memory foam and line the old pillow insert with it. This will breathe new life into pillows without any cost to you.

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