How to Pick Memory Foam Mattress Topper Thickness

memory foam mattress topper
A memory foam mattress topper can transform the feel of your bed, improving your sleep experience. Choosing the right topper thickness will keep you cradled and comfortable all night long. A variety of thicknesses are available, so it's important to understand which is right for you. Considering the current state of your mattress and your personal sleeping habits will help you discover the perfect mattress topper thickness for your bed. Use these suggestions to narrow down your options.

memory foam mattress topper

Confirm Mattress Size and Type

A new memory foam mattress topper should fit the dimensions of your existing mattress perfectly to ensure it functions as intended. Determine the exact size of your mattress before you begin shopping for a topper, and take the mattress type into consideration to help select the right thickness. Mattresses with a pillow top or a quilted top may not require a topper with the same thickness as those with standard tops due to the extra cushioning afforded by these designs. Also, mattresses with specialized tops may have special requirements for rotation.


Remove Any Pads or Toppers

Be sure to remove any existing pads or toppers. Mattress pads are typically far thinner than toppers, and serve to protect a mattress top rather than cushion it. If you already have a removable topper, replacing it with a memory foam topper can make for a more tailored and comfortable sleep experience. For best results, use only one topper of the appropriate thickness per mattress.


Inspect Your Mattress for Signs of Wear

It’s important to inspect your bare mattress top for obvious signs of wear. Look for areas worn smooth by constant turning or indentations from poor weight distribution. If your mattress shows this kind of wear, you’ll want a mattress topper that is thicker than 3 inches. These toppers provide greater levels of cushioning and support along with enhanced protection for the underlying mattresses. Mattresses with little signs of wear may work best with a 2-inch topper or less, especially if you prefer a firmer mattress for a good night’s sleep.


Select the Right Topper Thickness

Take into account your mattress type and condition when deciding on a mattress topper thickness. For mattresses that already have decent padding or a built-in pillow top, a memory foam mattress topper of 2 inches is recommended. If your mattress is particularly firm or worn, then a thickness of 3 to 4 inches should provide an appropriate level of comfort.


Consider Memory Foam Density

A final consideration that can be as important as your topper’s thickness is the memory foam density. When it comes to memory foam, denser material offers greater support for sleepers while less dense memory foam makes for a plusher sleep surface. Those who toss and turn frequently at night can benefit from a denser foam. For mattress density to make a noticeable difference, a minimum thickness of 2 inches is recommended for most sleepers.

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When I switch out mattress foam toppers, I recycle by cutting them to size my dogs’ beds. Slip on old pillow cases and voila, a comfy bed for the four-leggers!


We are ONLY interested in a cooling-type mattress topper. Our mattress is a “Casper”, King, approximately 9” thick, solid memory foam type with 2 1/2” wood slats every 3” apart for support. It offers great support but it can get very warm in the summer months. A great mattress but too warm in summer.
Can anyone help us by making a recommendation for a
“ cooling “ mattress topper. There are so many toppers out there !

Overstock Team

Hi Mack!
We recommend looking for mattress toppers made of gel memory foam. They generally disperse heat better than typical foam pads. You can view our assortment of king size cooling mattress toppers here.,Gel-Memory-Foam,Cooling,Egg-Crate-Topper,/size,memory-foam-type,product-features,type,/4545/cat.html