How to Organize a Dorm Room

How to Organize a Dorm Room

How to Organize a Dorm Room
Dorms aren't typically known for their spacious nature. That's why making the most of your space with smart furniture and organization choices is so important. A few simple solutions can make the difference between a cramped, messy living space and one where you're able to breathe and relax. Check out these six tips to improve any dorm room experience.

How to Organize a Dorm Room

Dorm Room Organization Tips

Make the Most of Your Closet Space

Closet space is precious. Make every square inch of this little clothes nook work for you with space-maximizing closet organization. Totally bare closets can benefit from a full closet kit complete with built-in shelving and racks. You could also use a small dresser in your closet to fill the bottom portion with convenient pull-out storage. If those options aren’t available to you, you can easily buy multifunction hangers that hold more than one piece of clothing. Compartmentalizing your closet will help you fit more into a small space while keeping you more organized and aware of your clothing placement.

Keep Clothes off the Floor

Having to wade through piles of dirty clothes and personal belongings just to climb into bed can be exhausting. Cut the stress that comes with clutter by ensuring every item has its proper place, especially your dirty laundry. A single hamper won’t take up much space and can be easily hidden away in a corner or closet. If you can spare a little more room, a multi-bag laundry organizer is a great solution for keeping your laundry sorted throughout the week. For ultimate convenience, choose a hamper or organizer with removable bags that you can haul to the laundromat or to your parents’ house over the weekend.

Take Advantage of Vertical Wall Space

Your dorm room walls may be prime real estate for posters and other wall decor, but convenient wall storage will add more than looks to your small space. When properly secured to your wall, floating shelves and cabinets are surprisingly sturdy and can hold an impressive amount of tastefully arranged books, framed photos, and other decor items. There are even shelving options that fit perfectly in the corners of your room, letting you utilize space that would typically go to waste. An alternate option, if you have available floor space, is to use a tall bookcase to offer additional storage. Having storage that stretches upward instead of outward will keep your dorm from feeling overcrowded.

Fill Empty Spaces with Functional Storage

Half the battle of staying organized in a small dorm is having a designated place for all your belongings. Use simple storage solutions like baskets and crates that can sit on flat surfaces, fit in a bookshelf or cubby, or slide underneath your bed. Both woven and rustic-looking wood options can add accessible function and stylish flair to the random, unused spaces in your dorm. Metallic wire baskets are another storage alternative that keep contents visible, and they work perfectly as a catch-all for items you use often.

Get Your Desk in Order

Not everyone has the luxury of a desk or workspace in their dorm, but if you do, then you’ll want to keep it a productive, distraction-free zone. Steer clear of the chaos of scattered papers and pens with simple office organization solutions for your desk. A desktop letter tray is a perfect place to keep finished papers separated from works in progress and lecture notes. For something more robust, check out a full desktop organizer with room for papers, pens, envelopes, and other school supplies. Don’t forget a drawer organizer to keep loose items from getting jumbled.

Make Use of Dual-Purpose Furniture

Multifunctional furniture can open up storage and organization possibilities you’ve never thought of. Beds that feature built-in drawers underneath can eliminate the need for a dresser entirely. Since many dorms are already furnished with a bed, your best bet may be a standalone piece of furniture like a storage bench or ottoman. These useful seating options come in many styles and can be placed at the foot of a bed or along an empty wall. Lift up the bench seat to reveal a roomy space that can fit your backpack, laptop, shoes, or whatever else you’d like to keep out of sight. The extra seating will also come in handy in case of visitors. To learn more about other dual-purpose options, check out our guide on Multifunctional Furniture for Small Spaces.