How to Measure for Vertical Blinds

How to Measure for Vertical Blinds
When you're measuring your home for custom vertical blinds, these tips will help ensure that you receive vertical blinds which will fit perfectly. Whether you're looking for fabric vertical blinds, wooden vertical blinds, or vinyl vertical blinds, following these steps will help you measure your window precisely.

How to Measure for Vertical Blinds

Measuring for Vertical Blinds:


Measure the width of the window opening.

Include the window’s trim in this measurement. If you have room, add at least 4 inches to each side for overlap to ensure you don’t have gaps in your installed custom vertical blinds that can let in light.


Measure the height of the window opening.

Again, include the trim. Add at least 3 inches to the top to allow for mounting brackets above the door frame or window frame. Then add your desired overlap at the bottom. If your blinds will hang down to the floor or to the windowsill, deduct at least one-half inch for clearance.


Allow for door handles.

If the door handle of your French or sliding glass door protrudes, it could interfere with the window treatment, especially with wooden vertical blinds. Depending on the placement of the door handle, you may be able to measure from the opposite side to just inside the handle to avoid the treatment obstructing the use of the door. If necessary, you can order extension brackets. These brackets add depth to the head rail, allowing the clearance for the obstructing door handle.


Purchase the vertical blinds with these measurements.

Remember that vertical blind measurements are determined by width first and then length. For example, 66-inch by 48-inch wooden vertical blinds are 66 inches wide and 48 inches long. Putting these numbers in the wrong order when you go to purchase custom vertical blinds could result in blinds that won’t fit your window or door and that you may not be able to return.

Vertical Blind Tips:

After you install your blinds, it is important to remember that the nylon cord draws the blinds. Remember to open the blinds with the chain before drawing them with the nylon cord, so you don’t damage the blinds or cause them to fall from the head rail.

Spray a small amount of silicone on the rod inside the head rail if it becomes difficult to open or shut your blinds. Then open and close the blinds to work the spray over the whole rod. Vacuum the head rail every other year so that it continues to function properly.

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