How to Install a Bedskirt

How to Install a Bedskirt

How to Install a Bedskirt
When you want to give your bedding a finished look, you'll want to install a bedskirt. It's a simple process, and generally, one person can do it. However, if you have a large or heavy mattress, you may need a helper for lifting and positioning your bedskirt.

How to Install a Bedskirt

Installing a Bedskirt:


Buy the right size bedskirt for your bed.

Before buying, measure your box spring or lower mattress, including width, length, and height. For height, measure from the floor to the top of the box spring while it’s placed on your bed frame. This will typically be somewhere between 14 inches and 18 inches high, but will depend on your bed’s style and configuration.


Remove your mattress.

For easiest installation, remove your mattress and bedding from the box spring or lower mattress. Set them aside in a place where they will be easy to maneuver, since placing the mattress back on the box spring without moving the bedskirt can be tricky.


Iron the bedskirt.

For a neat and finished look, iron the bedskirt before installation. Pay attention to any pleats or detailing the bedskirt may have, since you want it to look crisp and clean.


For full-style skirts, place the skirt on the box spring as you would a flat sheet on your mattress.

Adjust it carefully, so the corners and edges fit properly. Try to line up the bedskirt’s seams (the lines where the fabric is sewn together) with the edges of the box spring.


For elastic skirts, place the skirt around the box spring.

For three-sided skirts, the head of the mattress will not have a skirt. Adjust the bedskirt carefully, so the corners and edges fit properly.


Place the mattress back on the bed.

Replace the mattress on top of its box spring or bottom mattress. Try to lift and place, rather than sliding the mattress back. This way you can ensure that your bedskirt remains relatively in place. If you have another person helping you, it may be best to have one person hold the bedskirt in place while the other positions the mattress.


Adjust the bedskirt.

Adjust the remainder of the bedskirt to hang properly. For ruffled bedskirt styles, fluff, or smooth where necessary. For tailored bedskirt styles, adjust folds to hang smoothly in front and within the pleats.