How to Decorate with Bar Stools

How to Decorate with Bar Stools

How to Decorate with Bar Stools
From swivel seats to adjustable heights, bar stools have features that make them some of the most convenient furniture for your home. The kitchen has become the place where everyone congregates, so you need to have plenty of seating options. Adding bar stools not only gives you additional seating for your family and guests but can also enhance your home's decor.

How to Decorate with Bar Stools

Bar Stool Decorating Ideas:


Coordinate with Your Other Furniture and Decor

Consider the style of the room you’re going to put the new bar stools in. Create a cohesive feel for your home by choosing bar stools that mimic qualities of your existing furniture. This could be through color, materials, or overall style. For ideas, read about the top five materials for bar stools.


Find Similar Shapes, Patterns, or Other Themes

Find similar themes or patterns between your new bar stools and existing furniture. For instance, square-backed bar stools with a square table or elongated rectangular breakfast bar would go perfectly together. Carved wooden bar stools will coordinate nicely with a rustic living room theme or country kitchen. Finding similar patterns and themes in your furniture will give your home a grounded and put-together look.


Consider Contrast

While you can purchase bar stools that will exactly match your home’s color scheme, you may want to think about purchasing bar stools that stand out. For instance, a white kitchen may look washed out if you purchase white bar stools. Instead, try a dark espresso-colored bar stool with an accent-colored cushion. This type of bar stool will improve the appearance of your kitchen and add visual interest.


Place Them for Comfort

Ensure the comfort of your guests by allowing plenty of space for bar-stool seating. Unlike traditional seating, a bar stool is often set at a narrow counter instead of a wide table. Place stools a minimum of 24 inches apart to allow enough personal space and leg room for your guests. The extra room will allow guests to sit down and stand up comfortably and keep anyone from feeling crowded.


Think Outside the Kitchen and Dining Room

Bar stools are perfect for use in additional rooms of the house. Use them for bathroom seating while you’re getting ready for work or play. Place them in a den or computer room as additional seating options.