How to Decorate a Shared Room with Dividers

How to Decorate a Shared Room with Dividers

white room divider on the edge of a living room
For kids who share a room, nothing is better at alleviating arguments than a simple room divider. Decorative dividers are a non-permanent solution for giving privacy to everyone who shares a room. You can also use room dividers to establish personal space in a college dorm and section off studio apartments.

white room divider on the edge of a living room

Using Room Dividers:

Complete a theme with a patterned divider.

Patterned decorative dividers add color without permanence, so they can be as trendy as you desire. For teen girls and college students, try a black-and-white damask print divider. Kids will love a screen-printed scene from a classic children’s book or a colorful replica of a famous art piece.

Create a customized divider for kids.

For younger children, make their room divider a work of art. Buy a blank canvas room-divider and supply the paint to let kids create what they please. Each child can pick a side to design, making their shared room feel more personal. For budding artists, a chalkboard divider also gives them a place to doodle that can be easily erased and used over and over again.

Keep it simple with a divider made from shutters.

If you’re looking for room dividers that will work for any age or gender, try a simple screen made from white-washed shutters. You can also look for solid woven dividers that blend into a room and come in a number of solid colors. Both of these divider options are good for rooms that already have a lot of patterned bedding or decorative wallpaper.

Separate a home office with a rice paper divider.

If you live in a small apartment and work from home, it can be hard to make a specific area that is strictly for being productive. Room dividers block distractions and give you a quiet place to work. For even more of a calming atmosphere, look for traditional Japanese screens made from rice paper and wood. These lightweight dividers have an airy feel and diffuse light, rather than block it. Match the wood frame on these decorative screens to your desk or hardwood floors for a cohesive look.