How to Create a Spa Bathroom on a Budget

White spa bathroom
Sometimes, I just need a spa day but can’t afford an actual spa, which is when I turn to a hot shower or bath to soak away stress. Even though I can’t treat myself to a real spa experience all the time, I can definitely create my own with little luxuries that turn my bathroom into my personal spa. I'm not talking about a full-blown bathroom renovation (but if a renovation is what you want, check out our spa bathroom guide). I'm talking about little luxuries that give you that spa feeling on a budget. Here are a few of my favorite spa essentials that make a big difference without breaking the bank.

White spa bathroom

Add a Tub Tray

Sometimes, soaking in a bubble bath isn’t enough. Sometimes, I need a book to read or an iPad playing reality TV shows on Netflix or a cheeseboard or all of the above. Because I find spa time more relaxing when it’s organized, I use a tub tray to keep necessities in order. A tub tray or bath caddy keeps everything accessible and dry. Some tub trays even have a special spot that holds your book or tablet upright so you can stay hands-free and comfortable.

Invest in a Robe

The only thing better than a nice, long bath is stepping right into the welcoming folds of a fluffy robe. It’s the perfect way to stay relaxed and cozy post-bath or shower. I love using a terrycloth robe in lieu of a towel because it’s absorbent without sacrificing coziness.

Treat Yourself with a Spa Set

Everyone has those things that make them feel fancy, even if those things aren’t mud baths or chocolate facials. I like to either buy a spa set in a scent I love or keep a basket of favorites I buy individually like deep conditioner, facemasks, and bath bombs. Bath sets are a great way to get multiple products in your favorite scent all at once. If you’re particular about individual products, though, consider building your own “spa basket” with hand-picked favorites.

Include Favorite Scents

The sense of smell has strong ties to memory and recollection, and certain scents are tied to good memories which can improve your mood. You don’t have to pay a pretty penny to get quality aromatherapy. Quality essential oils aren’t expensive and can last you for months at a time while candles give off relaxing light and make your bathroom smell wonderful. Some of my favorite, relaxing scents are chamomile, lavender, bergamot, and frankincense. If I want to feel energized, I use citrus or peppermint.

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