How to Choose a Hammock Chair

How to Choose a Hammock Chair

It's easy to enjoy your backyard in a relaxing hammock chair, also known as a hanging chair. Just like traditional hammocks and swings, a hammock chair cradles and hugs the body when you sit in it. Compared to a hammock, however, a hammock chair requires far less space and, therefore, fits in a larger number of places. They're especially nice to have on front porches or in backyards with lots of trees. These hanging chairs are also comfortable alternatives to solid chairs and can be hung in most of the places that solid chairs are placed. Choosing a hammock chair is pretty straightforward, but it is important to keep a few details in mind so you can choose the perfect hammock chair for your space and style.

Choosing Hammock Chairs:

Consider where your hammock chair will be hanging.

Will your hammock chair be used indoors or outdoors? Outdoor hammock chairs need to be weather-resistant so that they don’t mold or fray when exposed to wet weather. You may also want to look for outdoor hammock chairs in light colors that won’t fade or bleach in the sunlight.

Look at types of hammock chairs.

Some hammock chairs hang from ceilings, requiring extra reinforcement so they don’t break the beams. Others hang from hammock stands, usually sold separately. If you don’t have a lot of trees in your yard or are worried about children falling from a hammock chair swing, you’ll probably like the option of hammock stands best.

Figure the weight capacity you need.

Hammock chairs have weight limits and restrictions. When buying a hammock chair swing, make sure it holds the amount of weight desired. For example, a child’s hammock chair probably won’t support an adult’s weight.

Check out fabrics when buying a hammock chair.

The traditional make of the hammock chair is a basic rope net. If you prefer more cushioning, choose a canvas or quilted hammock chair.

Choose a color.

Hammock chairs come in a variety of single colors and color combinations. Choose your favorite color or one that matches its surrounding color scheme in your sunroom or porch.

Work out the details.

Some hammock chairs have extra features that add comfort and convenience to the design. Cup holders, footrests, armrests and pillows for the back are some features available for these popular hammocks and swings.