How to Choose a Durable Sofa Slipcover

How to Choose a Durable Sofa Slipcover

blue white lattice sofa slip cover
A durable sofa slipcover offers a way to change the look of your sofa cosmetically while extending the life of the furniture. They are typically easy to use and come in a wide array of sizes, patterns, and colors to help you find the most suitable cover for your furniture. Whether you have a new sofa that you don’t want to get ruined by heavy use, or you have a second-hand sofa that needs a face-lift, furniture slipcovers save you money over purchasing replacement furniture, and they are generally easy-care. Before you purchase a durable slipcover for your sofa, take these things into consideration.

blue white lattice sofa slip cover

Types of Covers

The type of cover you choose generally depends on the size of your budget and your lifestyle. Ready-made covers are the least expensive and are sold at most big box stores and general retailers. Manufactured in standard sofa sizes, these slipcovers require tucking and pinning to take care of the extra fabric. They are machine-washable, durable, and require little special care.

Semicustom slipcovers are ready-made, but they are tailored to fit specific brands and models of sofas. Like the standard ready-made covers, these sofa slipcovers are usually machine-washable and easy-care, which makes them a durable and practical choice.

Custom slipcovers are sold in decorating stores and home interior retailers. These slipcovers are designed to specifically fit your sofa, and you can choose the type of fabric, style, and color of the cover before it’s made. These covers are usually dry-clean only, so they require more care than their counterparts.

Measuring for Size

One of the first considerations when choosing a durable sofa slipcover is the size of your sofa. Carefully measure the length from outer arm to outer arm, then measure the depth from the front of the couch to the back of the couch, and finally measure the height from the floor to the top of the tallest cushions. When writing down measurements, make sure you note whether the cushions are square or if they wrap around the arms of the sofa.

Choosing Your Fabric

The type of fabric you choose plays an important part in the durability of the slipcover. The most durable fabrics include twill blends, canvas, cotton, and denim. It’s also a good idea to consider the material of the sofa underneath the cover. A leather sofa slipcover needs to be made from natural fibers to absorb moisture so the leather won’t be harmed.

While heavy-duty and thick fabrics are the most durable, heavyweight fabrics like chenille and velvet won’t conform well to the shape of your sofa, so it’s best to avoid these types of heavyweight sofa slipcovers. Outdoor and coated fabrics are extremely durable and have a water-resistant coating without the need of Scotch Gard, so they can be an excellent choice if you’re using the sofa on a patio or screened-in porch.

Polyester and microfiber fabrics provide a more fitted appearance but tend to be lighter-weight. This includes stretch suede slipcovers and micro suede sofa slipcovers. Silk and wool provide a sophisticated touch, but the fibers won’t last long, and the covers tend to be dry-clean only.

Additional Details

It’s the little extras that make a sofa slipcover special. Added details include dust ruffles, decorative trim, buttons, floral and textured fabrics, and fringe. Consider longer covers that reach the floor, or look for ones that exposes the legs of your furniture.

Ease of Installation

The last thing to remember when choosing a slipcover is to select one that is easy to install. Try to avoid purchasing a cover you have to struggle with each time you take it off to clean it. Instead, choose a one-piece design that slips on and off with ease.