How to Capture Lagom at Home

How to Capture Lagom at Home

How to Capture Lagom at Home
In Swedish, Lagom means, "just the right amount". It represents a balanced approach to your entire life from work and relationships to home life.

When applied to interior design, the Lagom attitude creates a cozy, uncomplicated atmosphere that helps simplify your life. Use these tips to capture Lagom in your home for a more peaceful, uncluttered space.


Declutter Your Space

Lagom at Home: Declutter Your Space

Scandinavian minimalism encourages a tidy, uncluttered home. Part of Lagom is letting go of the material things you don’t truly need. It’s easy to collect piles of clothes and knickknacks over the years, but if you don’t regularly use them, they just create clutter in your home. Use chic storage containers to store the things you can’t give up.


Use Calming Neutrals

Lagom at Home: Use Calming Neutrals Image Provided by Kari Shea

Sunlight is limited during Swedish winters, so natives decorate with bright neutrals like white and light grey. Whether featured on walls, furniture, or even bedding, lighter colors make a space feel airy, bright, and open. You can also try grey-tinted tones of blue or brown for a little contrast.


Replace Clutter With Plants

Lagom at Home: Replace Clutter With Plants Image Provided by Gades Photography

For many homeowners, the Scandinavian minimalism prominent in Lagom interiors can feel a little empty. Instead of filling up your home with more clutter, try filling in those empty spaces with low-maintenance plants like cacti or succulents.


Minimize Wall Decor

Lagom at Home: Minimize Wall Decor Image Provided by Apartment 34 x Chloe Roth

Swedish decorators are more selective about what they add to their walls. While gallery walls in the U.S. are fun and varied, the Lagom lifestyle suggests only hanging what’s necessary in your home. If blank walls feel too sterile, consider using functional wall decor like shelves or mirrors.


Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Lagom at Home: Create a Cozy Atmosphere

While Lagom is a minimal style, you can still make it feel warm and welcoming. Just like its Danish cousin, Hygge, Lagom embraces comfort and relaxation. While you might not decorate with tons of blankets, investing in a few plush throws to supplement an evening filled with warm drinks and tasty snacks will always feel like “just enough.”


Establish a Focal Point

Lagom at Home: Establish a Focal Point Image Provided by Hutomo Abrianto

Swedish decorators often use a focal point to create a theme and continuity to a room. This focal point can be anything from lamps to furniture but should be treated like a centerpiece. Use this focal point to set the tone for any colors, textures, or materials used throughout the space. Unique statement pieces like modern floor lamps or dining tables can set the scene with a little drama to draw in the eye.


Embrace Natural Materials

Lagom at Home: Embrace Natural Materials Image Provided by Avery Klein

One of the elements that ties Hygge and Lagom together is the lack of overly manufactured materials. Don’t be afraid to adopt simple fabrics like cotton or leather into your home decor. Wood and stone accents also add a calming, natural atmosphere to any room.


Maximize Your Storage

How to Capture Lagom at Home: Maximize Your Storage

Having enough storage space is more possible once you declutter. Invest in simple, multifunctional furniture like coffee tables or ottomans with built-in storage to hide any items that don’t belong out in the open. Use a storage frame with drawers or shelves to elevate the look of your bedroom and keep the clutter contained.