How to Buy a Silver Necklace

a silver necklace on rocks
Silver necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry and are valuable additions to any jewelry collection. A beautiful and sparkling sterling silver necklace adds a dash of elegance to any outfit. Silver jewelry comes in many different varieties, and choosing the right silver necklace takes a bit of careful consideration. Silver necklaces are available in different lengths and widths. Silver jewelry may also be made of different types of silver. When you are shopping for sterling silver jewelry and silver chain necklaces, it is important to understand a few basics about silver and sterling silver jewelry designs. Use our tips to buy the perfect sterling silver necklace or silver chain for your necklace collection.

a silver necklace on rocks

Buying a Silver Necklace:

Get a silver education.

Silver jewelry comes in many different varieties, and it is important to know a bit about the silver you are buying. Sterling silver necklaces are made with the highest quality silver available in jewelry. Pure silver is too soft for jewelry production; sterling silver is 92.5 percent pure silver mixed with a metal alloy. Silver-plated necklaces are also available and have a layer of sterling silver on top of another metal. Silver-plated necklaces are affordable and still offer the look of sterling silver. Silver-tone necklaces, made of nickel and other metals, have a silver hue but don’t contain any silver. Different silver types are right for different people, but it is important to know what you are getting when shopping in order to get the most for your money.

Shop for a design.

Silver necklaces of all types are available in many different designs. Petite silver chains are great for small pendants and daily wear, while thick chains offer a more dramatic fashion statement. Link chains, rope chains and box chains are all different, and one necklace chain type may appeal to you more than another. Think of how you will wear the chain and whether or not you will hang pendants from your silver necklace when you are comparing designs.

Settle on a length.

Long and short silver necklaces are available, and each offers a different style. Some long silver necklaces can be doubled or tripled to create a layered look, while short necklaces keep pendants close to your heart and frame your face. Long silver necklaces will be more expensive than short silver necklaces in most cases.

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