8 Days of Hanukkah Gifts for Kids
Hanukkah Gifts for Kids
Star of David Jewelry

Day 1 – Star of David Jewelry

Hanukkah celebrates a military victory in ancient times that kept Judaism alive. Share this part of Jewish pride with your children by giving them a keepsake featuring the Star of David or other Jewish symbols. From delicate pendants to earrings, you can find a variety of jewelry in different metals and designs that match your child’s style and personality.

Games and Puzzles

Day 2 – Games and Puzzles

Give your children a gift that requires a little sharing to enjoy. Classic board games, engaging puzzles and other stimulating gifts keep your kids’ minds sharp all year round. Gifts like a handcrafted chess set or challenging jigsaw puzzle are fun to share with friends and siblings.

Kid's Clothing and Accessories

Day 3 – Clothing and Accessories

If you have young children, you know how quickly they outgrow their clothes. Thankfully, you don’t need to drop a lot of money to keep your kids cozy and warm. Simple winter accessories like hats, scarves, and gloves are always a smart idea around Hanukkah season.

Charity or Traditional Hanukkah Gifts

Day 4 – Charity or Traditional Gifts

Hanukkah is about spreading light and goodness to others, so teach your children the value of traditional gifts and charity. Donate to their favorite cause or volunteer as a family for a local soup kitchen or shelter. After you and your kids have given back to others, reward them with traditional gifts like a dreidel or chocolate gelt.

Candy and Snacks

Day 5 – Candy and Snacks

Candy and snacks are welcome gifts any time of year for kids. This year, get your kids their very favorite goodies for Hanukkah. From healthy sweets to savory snacks, this Hanukkah gift is easy and affordable to give.

New Backpack

Day 6 – New Backpack

Your kids work hard to do well in school, so reward them with the ultimate accessory – a new backpack. Find a durable bag that suits their style and needs. With extra pockets and cool designs, their new backpack can be a fun and practical Hanukkah gift they’ll use almost every day.

Art and Crafts Kits

Day 7 – Art and Crafts Kits

From fun coloring kits to jewelry and craft-making sets, foster your children’s creativity with fun arts and crafts. You can find arts and crafts kits for children of all ages. Just be careful to avoid sets with small pieces like beads if you have toddlers in the house.

Dolls and Stuffed Animals

Day 8 – Dolls and Stuffed Animals

Boys and girls love stuffed animals and cuddly friends. Toys like these are perfect for keeping your child company and helping them sleep at night. From dolls to stuffed animals, this Hanukkah, get your little one someone they can take with them everywhere.

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