8 Essential Hanukkah Table Decorations
8 Essential Hanukkah Table Decorations
A Stunning Menorah Centerpiece

1. A Stunning Menorah Centerpiece

The menorah is one of the most important symbols of Hanukkah. Symbolizing the power of light and divine inspiration, the menorah should sit front and center of the Hanukkah festivities. So, put it on full display on your dinner table. While the classic candelabra design is the most recognized, you can find menorahs in a vast range of styles, shapes, and sizes to fit your family’s personality.

Blue and White Dinnerware for Hanukkah

2. Blue and White Dinnerware

Blue and white have deep-rooted meaning in Judaism, so embrace the tradition and add blue and white dinnerware to your table. Pair deep navy and white plates with silver flatware, and add pops of color with smaller bread plates in gold or silver. A simple color scheme like this will make it easier to add other Hanukkah decorations to your table.

Special Holiday Flatware

3. Special Holiday Flatware

Just like your dinnerware, reserve a set of flatware for the holidays. This will ensure your set lasts longer and adds to the ambiance of a formal Hanukkah dinner. Look for flatware that complements your table linens and plates. For example, gold and silver accents look great against a navy blue table cloth with white dishes.

Blue Table Runner

4. Hanukkah Table Runner

Table runners are the perfect addition to a formal table setting for Hanukkah dinner. Depending on the mood of the evening, you can arrange your Hanukkah table in a variety of ways. Just look for table runners that match your Hanukkah table decorations and color scheme. Try a delicate white lace runner with a dark table cloth or blue and white stripes for a more casual feel.

Hanukkah-Themed Napkins

5. Hanukkah-Themed Napkins

There’s a lot to love about traditional Hanukkah foods like latkes and jelly donuts. However, these foods can get messy. Provide your guests with pretty cloth napkins to use during Hanukkah dinner. Use solid colors like blue or white for formal dinners or napkins with fun designs like dreidels or menorahs for more casual meals.

Dreidels and Chocolate Gelt

6. Dreidels and Chocolate Gelt

If you’re expecting children at your Hanukkah dinner, have some traditional games and treats ready for them. Like menorahs, you can find dreidels in assorted styles and prices. This game is a fun way to teach the little ones in your family about Hanukkah traditions passed down for generations. Gelt is always an important treat. Look for foil-wrapped coins or other chocolate goodies to share with the kids.

Decorative Candles

7. Decorative Candles

While the menorah takes centerstage during Hanukkah, you can still use other candles to decorate your home and dining room. Place tiny tea candles in clusters around the menorah or pillar candles throughout the dining area for additional ambiance.

Hanukkah Decorations

8. Hanukkah Decorations

From throw pillows and lights to mantel decorations, you can find cute or classy Hanukkah decorations easily. If you’re hosting interfaith family, decorate a Christmas tree with Hanukkah ornaments or use blue and white lights to decorate your front porch. Look for decorations you’ll want to use for years to come and get creative. You can also look to Hanukkah wall art that you can use every year when hosting guests.

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