Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your BFFs

Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your BFFs

Valentine’s Day is usually reserved for romantic couples, but February 13th is Galentine’s Day: a time to celebrate the special ladies in your life. You can show them a little love with brunch, a girls’ night in, or a special Galentine’s Day gift. Check out these Galentine’s gift ideas for your BFFs this year.
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    As your best friend, she’s been your therapist and bartender. If you’ve had some of your best conversations over drinks, show her how much you appreciate her time with some new barware for her home. Glasses, bar kits, and other tools are perfect for the mixologist of your friend group who’s always hosting and toasting.

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    Waffle Makers

    For the friend who lives for brunch, a waffle maker is a great unexpected gift for Galentine’s Day. You can even give a waffle maker that creates heart-shaped treats. If waffles aren’t her favorite breakfast food, she can still use it to make hash browns, sandwiches, and other quick meals.

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    Coffee Mug

    She’s perky, energetic, and fun, but not until she gets her first cup of coffee. Help her get through her busy days with a quality coffee mug or thermos to keep her favorite beverage at the perfect temperature. You can find mugs in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes to match her preferences. Earn bonus points by adding a bag of fresh grounds to her gift bag.

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    Throw Pillow

    Whether they’re made of faux fur or feature funky geometric patterns, throw pillows always make great gifts. A cozy and stylish throw pillow is an awesome gift for the girl in your life who loves to couch-nap in style.

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    Leather Satchel

    Is she always on the go but never has room in her bag? Get her a cute leather handbag or satchel to keep all her essential supplies from books and makeup kits to her favorite leather wallet. You can find fashion handbags and side bags with extra pockets and compartments, so she can always fit one more item. Crossbody bags are a great choice for your casual bestie who likes to get up and go.

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    Nail Polish

    Nail polish and manicure sets are great girly gifts to share with each other. Look for sets you can split between you and your BFFs. If one of your friends already has an extensive collection, try getting her something with a different finish, like matte or glossy, in her favorite colors.

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    Bath and Beauty Products

    Between all she does at work and home, she deserves something to help her relax. Choose from a variety of bubble baths, bath bombs, and other spa-like products to help her kick back. Scents like lavender or mint can help her let go and enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet.

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    Rose-Colored Glasses

    The world always feels a little rosier when your friends are around, so why not return the favor with actual rose-colored sunglasses? Heart-shaped styles are extra festive for Galentine’s Day and perfect for friend selfies together. If those aren’t her style, try aviators or cat-eyes with pink or rose lenses.

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    If she loves traveling and hiking, a backpack is a great gift for Galentine’s Day. You can find tons of backpack options with cute patterns, like geometric or floral designs, to match her style. She can use it as carry-on luggage or as an improvised diaper bag if she has kids.

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    Fashionable Winter Accessories

    With the chill still in the air, February is the perfect time to bundle up with new accessories. Scarves, hats, and gloves all come in handy this time of year, so get matching accessories for you and your girlfriends.

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    Wine Rack

    Whether she’s silly for sangria or crazy about cabernet, your wine-loving bestie needs a special place to store her favorite bottles. From quirky novelty racks to sleek geometric models, wine holders come in all shapes and sizes to match her style.

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    Electric Blanket

    If she already has plenty of typical throws and blankets, she might enjoy something extra special like an electric blanket for Galentine’s Day. Choose a model with multiple settings that she can adjust to keep her warm while she’s chilling around the house.

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    Reed Diffusers or Candles

    Reed diffusers or candles are great Galentine’s gifts for the friend who’s a little magical. If you aren’t sure what her favorite scent is, go with classics like sandalwood, patchouli, or lavender. Incense comes in small cones or sticks, so just be sure to choose a holder that matches the type of incense you buy.

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    Photo Frames

    If you’re looking for a more thoughtful Galentine’s Day gift idea, give them photo frames with pics of your adventures together. These are especially great gifts for your long-distance friends. Look for frames that match their style or decor and they’ll be sure to put your gift on display.

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    Friendship Jewelry

    Friendship bracelets aren’t just for summer camp. Show off your friendship with cute, quality jewelry you’ll both love. You can find sets of matching bracelets and necklaces for you and your best friend to share.

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    Picnic Basket

    The best gifts are easy to share, and a picnic basket is perfect for the snack queen of your group. She’ll feel the love from this Galentine’s Day gift all year when she brings it to outdoor concerts and camping. To celebrate the day, take your girls out on a fun, relaxing picnic and give them each their own basket.

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    Wine Charms

    Wine charms are like friendship bracelets for your wine glass. From quirky to classy, you can find a set that matches you and your girl gang’s style. Split a set between all your gals or gift a set to the hostess of the group. You can find sets with cute gems, figures, or simple rings to keep everyone’s sangria straight.

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    Show Some Love for Your Ladies

    A wise woman once said, “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work.” A simple, personalized gift can go a long way to make them feel appreciated whether they’re single or not. Show your besties how important they are this Galentine’s Day.