First Father’s Day Gifts

First Father's Day Gifts
Everything changes when you become a parent. Suddenly everything you do is all about the baby. This Father's Day is the perfect time to show appreciation for the new dad in your life. Celebrate him in his new role as a father with these Father's Day gifts for new dads.

First Father's Day Gifts

15 Best Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads

1. Smart Watch

Give him a cool new gadget that will help him multitask all his new responsibilities. With a smart watch he’ll be able to check the weather, answer text messages, and set alerts without setting down the baby. Make sure to get a smart watch that is compatible with his smart phone.

2. Camera

Help him document all of baby’s firsts — from her first smile to her first steps to her first date. Choose a point-and-shoot camera for a dad who simply wants to capture the moment. Bring out his artistic side with a DSLR professional grade camera.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

For the music-loving dad, Bluetooth speakers are a must. He will love being able to wirelessly listen to his music anywhere he goes. A Bluetooth speaker will set the ambiance at home or work and let him introduce his favorite songs to his new bundle of joy. Plus, it’s the perfect addition to any party — first birthday party anyone?

4. Board Games

Stay-at-home date night will become the new normal for first-time parents. Board games are great for a fun evening at home. You can pause the game for a quick diaper change; plus, they’re easy to play while holding a baby. Choose an old favorite to evoke nostalgia or a new strategy game that you can learn together.

5. Coffee Maker

Along with the joys of new parenthood comes the reality of sleepless nights. Make the mornings a little more enjoyable with a new coffee maker to brew his favorite roast in the comfort of his own home. You have a variety of options, from a classic drip to an all-in-one programmable coffee maker.

6. Outdoor Grill

Welcome him to fatherhood with this quintessential dad gift. Everything tastes better when it’s been grilled over an open flame. For many homes, that responsibility falls on Dad. Help him rise to the occasion with a new outdoor grill or smoker, just in time for summer grilling season.

7. Drone

Get him something to release his inner child and help him relate to his tiny tot. With a new drone, he will remember how much fun it is to kick back and play outside. Choose a beginner drone if this is his first one or select an upgraded model if you’re adding to his collection.

8. Golf Equipment and Accessories

Fatherhood isn’t the end of free time; don’t let him forget his hobbies. Encourage him to take a load off on the green with a new set of clubs, gear, or a practice putting green. Fill in gaps in his club set or treat him to a new bag. Don’t forget to throw in some new golf balls for good measure.

9. Wall-Mount Bottle Opener

If there’s anything a new parent needs, it’s an extra hand. A wall-mount bottle opener lets him open his beer with one hand while still holding the baby with the other. For an added touch, get it personalized with his initial or favorite brand. Wrap it up with a six-pack of his favorite brew so he can try it out right away.

10. Noise Canceling Headphones

Give him the gift of peace and quiet, a necessity for any parent who wants to keep their sanity. Noise canceling headphones let him relax amid the chaos of new parenthood. For a gamer, look for a set that includes a microphone. A music lover will appreciate wireless headphones for full mobility.

11. Slippers

Whether he’s getting the baby in the middle of the night or shuffling into the kitchen for his morning coffee, new slippers will keep his feet warm and cozy. Choose fur lined or memory foam slippers for added luxury. Opt for rubber soled slippers for a jaunt out to the mailbox or a late-night shopping trip for diapers.

13. Personalized Barware

The perfect way to toast the new baby is with a new set of barware. Choose a set based on his drink of choice. Whether you pick stemware, beer mugs, or whiskey glasses, you can’t go wrong. Complete the set with a decanter and coasters personalized with is initial for a finishing touch.

14. Diaper Bag

Give him the chance to carry everything the baby needs and hold on to his masculinity with a diaper bag created with Dad in mind. Choose an option that looks like a backpack but functions like a diaper bag. He’ll want to have a daddy/baby day out to try out his new gear, giving Mom a much-needed break — two gifts in one!

15. Dad Mug

A dad mug lets him show off his new status around the office. With options ranging from serious to silly, you can pick one that fits his personality. Complete the gift with his favorite beverage, whether it’s a bag of coffee or box of tea. You can take it one step further and add the mug to a brand-new coffee maker.

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