How to Give Your Entryway a Farmhouse Christmas Makeover

How to Give Your Entryway a Farmhouse Christmas Makeover

It's easy to neglect your entryway when decorating for Christmas. But with a few touches, you can create a warm Farmhouse-flavored area to welcome guests. This style instantly creates a friendly and approachable environment, perfect for bringing in family and friends for Christmas. Learn about the essentials of decorating your Farmhouse Christmas entryway.

Create a Merry and Bright Ambiance

It gets dark early around the holidays, so keep your entryway bright to welcome your guests. Pendant lamps, string lights, and table lamps are all great ways to keep your Farmhouse Christmas entryway merry and bright. Add a lamp to any tables or benches you keep in the hallway and look for pieces made of Farmhouse materials like wood, wicker, or metal.


Create Coziness with Pillows and Throws

When your family or friends come in from the cold, create a warm atmosphere by lining any benches or chairs in your entryway with pillows or throws. Look for pieces in traditional Christmas colors and plush, welcoming materials like fleece or cotton.


Spruce Up Your Entryway with Tiny Trees

Christmas trees don’t have to reach the ceiling. When decorating your Farmhouse Christmas entryway, consider using miniature Christmas trees to fill up corners in tall planters or on side tables. If you’ll be putting a little tree in a planter, look for rustic materials like barrels, hammered metal, and galvanized aluminum to keep it in.


Use Garland to Deck the Halls and Stairs

Garlands aren’t just for the mantel or tree anymore. When decking your halls Farmhouse Christmas style, add greenery and garlands to your banisters and hallway. Garlands come in a variety of styles with features like pinecones or built-in lights. If you don’t have stairs in your entryway, decorate your tables or benches with natural-looking garlands.


Hang Bells on the Door to Welcome Guests

This year, try adding shiny bells or a cowbell to your front door for your Farmhouse Christmas entryway. Noisemakers like these add to the Farmhouse feel and help you keep track of who comes in and out of the house while you’re busy hosting. Add wreaths to the inside of your house as well to tie the styles of your entryway and porch together.


Layer Entryway Rugs to Protect Your Floors

If you and your family live in a snowy or wet area around Christmas, layered rugs can protect your entryway floors. Combine a larger rug with a runner or square area rug. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and materials. Carpet materials like jute can add a classic Farmhouse feel that you can keep all year-round. Keep the colors fresh and light in shades of cream, crimson, and green for a festive look.