Dyson Vacuum Buying Guide

A Dyson vacuum cleaner is an investment that lasts for years. Choose the Dyson model that best suits your household's needs. If your household has pets, children, or high-traffic areas that collect large amounts of debris, then a high-capacity canister vacuum might be the best Dyson vacuum for you. You may also want to consider upright models, convenient cordless models, and handheld models. Consider picking up a variety of accessories, such as hard floor tools and home cleaning kits, to enhance your Dyson experience.

Upright Dyson Model

Upright Models

Upright vacuum cleaners are easy to operate without leaning or straining your back, making it simple and painless to keep your home clean. For large homes with many rooms and floor types, the best Dyson upright choice is a multi-floor upright model, which comes with attachments that clean hardwood, carpet, and linoleum equally well. Other upright options include pet-friendly models that tackle pet hair, and allergy models that suck up dust and dander.

Canister Dyson Model

Canister Models

Canister vacuum cleaners are ideal for the household that requires a high volume of frequent vacuuming, such as households with children and pets. These vacuum cleaners feature a large capacity bin that goes longer between emptying. Make maintenance convenient by choosing a Dyson canister that includes a transparent bin so that it’s easy to see when it’s close to full capacity. Canister vacuums tend to have strong internal motors for great suction power that leaves your carpets and floors flawlessly clean.

Cordless Models

A cordless Dyson is a great choice for multitasking, especially if you find yourself reaching for ceiling corners and on top of cabinets during your monthly dusting routine. Cordless models feature extendable handles and swiveling heads to reach everywhere in your home, whether high or low. These lightweight vacuum cleaners generate suction using a compact and reliable digital motor for the best compromise between size and performance.

Handheld Models

A Dyson handheld vacuum excels at removing dust and debris from small nooks and crannies, making it a good solution for detail-oriented cleaning. These models are small and lightweight, and you can typically operate them with one hand. Look for a model that includes multifunctional attachments, such as a crevice tool, a combination tool, and easy-to-swap brushes for knocking out stubborn debris. Handheld models can operate from a battery for convenience, or these units can plug in for high suction power.

Dyson vacuum accessories

Consider Adding Accessories

Customize your Dyson vacuum cleaner by adding a variety of attachments to suit your cleaning needs. Consider an all-in-one home cleaning kit that includes attachments for dusting, cleaning, and reaching into tight angles. Alternately, choose a specific attachment to meet a single purpose. A tangle-free turbine attachment minimizes clogging due to long carpet fibers or hair, while an articulating attachment cleans hardwood floors to a spotless finish.

Once you have your dream vacuum cleaner and all the accessories that you need to make it yours, ensure its longevity by taking great care of it. Even if you found the best price on a Dyson, it’s still an investment for you to protect. Other must-have accessories include vacuum-specific cleaning products for cleaning the external components of the vacuum cleaner, such as the debris bin and the removable filter, as well as any removable attachments. When you keep your new vacuum cleaner in great working order, it keeps your home spotless in return.