Dorm Decor Ideas that Match Your College Major

Dorm Decor Ideas that Match Your College Major

Dorm Decor Ideas for Every College Major
If you know a freshman who's moving into the dorms soon, chances are they've already picked a field of study. When you start shopping for dorm decor, consider getting something related to their new college major. We've assembled a few dorm decor ideas for incoming freshmen in the STEM, humanities, business, and health fields.

Dorm Decor Ideas for Humanities, Languages & Arts Students

Dorm Decor Ideas for Humanities, Languages & Arts Students
1. Wall Hangings / 2. Paintings / 3. Throw Blankets / 4. Journals / 5. Bedding

With majors such as history, literature, and art, the humanities are all about self-expression and understanding links between different time periods and cultures around the world. When shopping for your humanities student, consider items with a distinctive touch like handmade crafts, woven tapestries, or wall hangings. That same handmade aesthetic can be found in bedding, blankets, and storage. For a practical gift, get your humanities major a handcrafted leather-bound journal. If they’re specializing in this discipline, they’re going to have a lot of writing to do. Whether they use it for academic or personal purposes, this is a great gift to get them in the habit of writing and taking notes.

Dorm Decor Ideas for Science, Tech, Engineering & Math Students

Dorm Decor Ideas for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Students
1. Desk Chairs / 2. Smart Watches / 3. Bedding / 4. Desk Lamps / 5. Clocks

If your whiz kid is going into one of the STEM fields, they’re likely bound for success. However, even the most dedicated college student is still prone to running late. That’s why an atomic clock or smart watch is a great tool for keeping your STEM student on task. Coursework in STEM fields include a healthy dose of math, physics, and geometry. Appeal to your dorm dweller’s mathematical side with comfy bedding featuring geometric or grid designs to keep coursework on their minds, even in their sleep.

Dorm Decor Ideas for Business & Communications Students

Dorm Decor Ideas for Business, Communications & Management Students
1. Filing Cabinets / 2. Brief Cases / 3. Book Ends / 4. Desk Chairs / 5. Bedding

Your young entrepreneur is full of innovative ideas and strategies, so get them economical gifts like bookends, filing cabinets, or briefcases that can be used in their current dorm room and their future corner offices. Additionally, dorm gifts like these teach students organizational skills while they’re in class and building their portfolio for their careers. When looking for sheets and comforters, try matching their preppy, clean-cut style with stripes, plaid, or basic patterns.

Dorm Decor Ideas for Health, Therapy & Medicine Students

Dorm Decor Ideas for Health, Therapy & Medicine Students
1. Poufs / 2. Hypoallergenic Pillows / 3. Bedding / 4. Water Bottles / 5. Diffuser

A good night’s sleep, minimal stress, and consistent hydration are all important to your health student’s routine. Once classes start, they’ll learn how hard these are to maintain. An aroma therapy diffuser can decorate their dorm while keeping stress low, a fruit infuser water bottle will keep them hydrated during classes and workouts, and hypo-allergenic or organic cotton bedding will help provide a good night’s sleep. Consider collapsible or portable storage as something they can use long after college and into their careers to hold therapy or medical supplies.